RimWorld – How to Tame Infestation Hive Insects

I’ve not seen a guide on how to do this and managed after a few hours, with a fair bit of preperation you can tame any of the Hive Insects in the game, here is how i did it.


Initially i had made a under-mountain bunker which as you can imagine went horribly wrong, however i noticed that once i abandoned the base i would always get Infestations in one room. To prepare i linked the room to my bases electronics with a switch so i can turn the coolers on/off at range. I set the room to -80 degrees as this will speed up the hibernation process.

Once they’re in hibernation they will remain as long as the room is -40 degrees or so. It is a good idea to bulk up the outer walls with something durable as initially the insects will try to break out, if they go for your coolers it won’t work. I haven’t tried constantly keeping the room at -80 as this might stop infestations from happening in an unsafe area. Try it out and let me know.


Once the Insects are in hibernation, you need to use the “Word of Inspiration” Psycast on your tamer so ensure they have inspired taming. When you have this available increase the temperature of the room to -30 degrees. The insects will wake up but be very slow for a few hours so you need to hurry with the taming.

When being tamed they will attack your colonist but it won’t interupt the taming attempt. It is a good idea to hunt the insects you don’t want to tame while they’re in hibernation as they will die in one shot. It does require a lot of luck to get the room with constant infestations.

Another bonus to this room is that when you do get infestations you can chill the room, harvest the insect jelly and destroy any duplicated hives meaning you have a near endless supply of insect jelly.

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