RimWorld – How to Literally Make Silver (Modless)

A funny exploit I found that can turn silver into more silver, once it is setup all you need is a good trader and a good crafter to get the factory pumping.

Guide to Make Silver


Quick disclaimer: this strategy requires high skilled pawns to work fully, if the pawns are not high skilled enough you may lose silver in the process, all calculations are done with skill 20 pawns since those are what I use).

So you might be wondering, how is this infinite silver exploit different to other money making methods ingame? it is already possible to use renewable resources to get unlimited silver so what makes this so special? Well, the only consumable resource this strategy needs is silver itself. That is right, you can use silver to make silver.

So, how does it work?

First you’ll need a few things, luckily all these things are easily obtainable:

  • 1 machining table.
  • 1 high level pawn in crafting.
  • 1 pawn with a TPI of >30% (a pawn with no debuffs and 20 in social reaches this easily enough).
  • 400 silver.

What you are going to want to do is set a task in the machining table to make a simple helmet, then click on “details” besides the simple helmet and set it to only use silver to make the helmets.

Then, make as many helmets as you want. The more helmets you make the more money you make, although keep in mind they have to be high quality, if your trader pawn has a TPI of >30% then the average quality needs to be good or higher. (a level 20 crafter has a 50% chance of making it excellent quality and ~35% of making it good) When a trader comes along get the trader pawn to sell all the helmets, and boom! Your done! It really is hat simple (see what I did there?).

The Math Behind It

So how does it work?

Well, a simple helmet costs 40 materials to make, but silver is a light material so it will actually cost us 400 silver to make 1.

The market value of a simple helmet made of silver has a base value of $410.

So ideally we should be able to make $10 silver profit per helmet right? Well not really.

The value of the helmet gets multiplied by the “market value factor” which is determined by quality, the following chart shows the values.

Quality – Market Value Factor

  • Awful – 0.5
  • Poor – 0.75
  • Normal – 1
  • Good – 1.25
  • Excellent – 1.5
  • Masterwork – 2.5
  • Legendary – 5

And the following chart shows the chances of each quality being made from a normal level 20 crafter:

  • Awful – 0.00%
  • Poor – 0.01%
  • Normal – 2.44%
  • Good – 37.4%
  • Excellent – 50.56%
  • Masterwork – 9.58%

The average result is going to be a bit less than excellent, the average MVF is thus 1.49 meaning the average market value of your helmets will be about 600 silver.

This is all well and good BUT there is a catch.

Selling an item brings about another modifier of 0.6 (oh no!).

This means our 600 silver value helmet is actually worth 360! All that effort only to lose 40 silver on average per helmet! what are we going to do?

Well this is where TPI (trade price improvement) saves the day.

A pawn with 20 in social will get +30% TPI, and since 0.6 is just a number representing 60% a pawn with a 20 in social will have sell the helmets at 0.9 value!

This means our helmets will sell for $540 each on average, the day is saved!

But what if we could make more? The guide is on helmets because that is what I tried first, but as a reward for reading all my math I am going to teach you some secrets, other items can also be made of silver! And all this math applies (except for weapons, art and furniture which have another multiplier). So lets run an example (the example is purely for educational uses, since it is a weapon it will sell for 0.2 as much, never use weapons or furniture for this method).

The warhammer costs 1500 silver to make, it’s market value when made of silver is 1565, multiply by 1.5 for the average quality gain and you get 2,348, times it by 0.9 and you get 2,113 so that gets you 613 silver profit on average per warhammer, you can then divide this by the work to make (300) to calculate how much silver you make per work (If you go through all the different items you can find whatever works best for silver per work).

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