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This is a guide on the best food in Rimworld 1.3

The Best Food in Rimworld

I made a guide about the best food in Rimworld. After 400 hours of rimworld I didn’t think this food was very good but after some research I realized this is one of the best foods out there. I hope this helps you one your Rimworld journey.

I have included the same information about in the topics below for easy acess. I also made this awesome Video guide on youtube to help people out.

What is Pemmican?

So First things First, What is pemmican?

Pemmican is a preserved mixture of meat and plant food.

To make pemmican all you need is the Pemmican research to be finished, and have either a campfire, fueled stove or an electric stove.

To cook it you just need to go to bills, find pemmican and click and Like magic, pemmican is on the way!

It requires 5 meat and 5 plant food to make one batch of pemmican, each batch has 16 pemmican pieces and has a total nutritional value on 0.8.

At most 20 pieces can be eaten in one sitting if you have been starving your pawn… which totally isn’t something i do all the time :P.

It has a mass of 0.02kg which will become important later And it takes 70 days to rot.

Long Lasting

Pemmican Lasts 70 days without a fridge

Since Pemmican lasts for 70 days without refrigeration, It makes for an amazing meal for the early game when you have no freezers and it is essential if you are doing a tribal play through.

Not needing a freezer means you can handle solar flares, hordes of raiders destroying your power sources with no worries since you have food that lasts over 1 year.

That leaves plenty of time for your psychopathic colonists to munch it down and be happy!

No Cooking Skill Required!

Do you Have no good cooks?

Is Everyone in your colony always getting food poisoning, wasting precious time and food and making your base a dirty mess?

Then have no fear, Pemmican is here!

Pemmican requires no skill to make and will never make your colonists Sick!


60% Free Nutrtion

Producing pemmican takes the regular old nutritional value of 0 .25 veggies and 0.25 meat and transforms it to a new high of 0.8.

That’s a net gain of 60% free Nutrition!!!

This is real life magic right that you are seeing before your eyes ladies and gentlemen (My wife said it is called synergy)

Nutritional Density

Nutritional Density is the Nutrition to weight Ratio

Pemmican has a high Nutrition density of 2.778 vs that of a lavish meal which is 2.045.

This means that you get more bang for your buck.

This Nutritional value, plus its long life makes it the ultimate Choice for taking on long caravan trips or getting to your ship (If you ever make it that far MUAHAHAHAH)!

Portion Control

Portion Control

Pemmican is a far more efficient food that creates less waste by giving your Colonists the exact amount of nutrition they need. Colonists try to eat just before they get hungry, so they will normally eat at hunger level of 0.7-0.8. A fine meal will provide 0.9, so they generally waste about 15% of it on average. Since each piece of pemmican has a value of 0.05 this will allow your Colonists to control how much they eat and will bring down your average waste to 2.5%.

Efficiency is key In Rimworld and you need every advantage you can get to survive and escape the Rim

Bonus Six!

The same applies to animals

If they eat a meal a lot of it will go to waste so by making pemmican (or kibble) you prevent a lot of waste which will go far in keeping your colony for surviving longer If you are

Cost efficiently raising your chickens to then make more pemmican from your chickens while feeding them pemmican isn’t a thing Rimworld players would do at all…. crickets

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