Doki Doki Literature Club – How to Get The Best Ending

How to unlock the second ending in Doki Doki Literature Club!, which is considered the best one you can achieve.


If you actually clicked on this, I assume you want to know how to get the best ending in Doki Doki Literature Club!.

Now, before we begin, there’s some things that I need to point out.

  • This Guide contains spoilers. So only go for this if you’ve played the game already or don’t mind most of the events being spoiled!
  • This is only considered the best ending because it turns out better than the original. It won’t
    prevent Monika from ‘deleting’ herself and the game’s script.
  • In order to do this, you’re going to have to replay the game multiple times, (Only Act 1 will be replayed) so expect this to take a bit of time.
  • This is a more thorough, but more complicated way to explain this. Here’s the simple version: In order to unlock this ending, you must see all the CG’s before Act 2 is allowed to start. After that, play the game until you see Monika’s. Then, delete her.

Now that that’s out of the way, grab your popcorn and your mouse, because it’s time to get this ending!

Act 1, Part 1

Now, because you don’t get any choices, feel free to just play the game through without looking at this until you get to the First Poem. That’s where things start to matter.

First Poem

Before you start writing the poem, save your game! We’re going to need this save two times (more if you want to restart your poem. Feel free to do so, if that’s the case!)

Now it’s time to choose one of the three girls! It doesn’t matter who you choose, as we’ll be doing the other two later, but I’d go with my favorite first!

Natsuki’s Words

Natsuki is the Tsundere of this ‘dating sim’. She likes cuter words such as:

  • ‘Bunny’
  • ‘Hop’
  • ‘Doki-Doki’
  • ‘Pout’

Sayori’s Words

Now, it’s just a little difficult sometimes to find hers because some of them are similar to Natsuki’s, but remember, you can always reload the Poem Save if you need to!

Sayori is our happy but sadly, depressed childhood friend. She likes melancholy, childhood related, and some romantic words.

  • ‘Pain’
  • ‘Childhood’
  • ‘Bed’
  • ‘Fireflies’
  • ‘Warm’

Yuri’s Words

Yuri’s are a little easier to separate as the main thing you look for are the more complicated/sophisticated or deeper words. Here’s some of hers:

  • ‘Existence’
  • ‘Fester’
  • ‘Anxiety’
  • ‘Lust’
  • ‘Journey’

Once you feel confident in your first poem, it’s time to go back to school!

As long as your character interacts with whoever you’re aiming for, you’re in the blue. If not, try again by reloading the Poem Save.

Ex. If you were aiming for Sayori, make sure the character starts listening to her conversation with Monika. If you were aiming for Yuri, make sure he becomes interested in what she’s doing. And for Natsuki, if you hear her getting angry and go to check on her, you’ve done it right.

Once your poem is finished, the rest doesn’t really matter. Choose the order of who you’re showing your poem to in anyway you want. For the argument, you can choose whoever to defend, but I’d choose who I’m going for to keep things straighter. And if you’re going for Sayori, choose her option: ‘Help me, Sayori!

Act 1, Part 2 (Second Poem)

For the second poem, go for whoever you went with the first time, and feel free to save if you don’t feel confident in your poem making (or just want to be careful like me.)

When Sayori asks you if you’d walk with (whoever you’re aiming for), this doesn’t matter either. However, I’d still go with them. (Again though. You don’t have to.)

Second poem time! W O O!

Act 1, Part 3 (Third Poem)

More poem time!

Again, direct this poem towards the same girl you’ve been doing it for in the other two. (Remember to save if you feel like you’ll need it!)

Once you finish the poem and return to school, you’ll notice Sayori’s a little off even if you had picked her…

Hm, well everyone has their rough days! So share poems with everyone and pick someone for the weekend!

The Weekend…

You don’t have to pick the girl you’ve been going for with your poems, but it helps keep track. However, your only options are to go with Natsuki or Yuri, so if they weren’t your choice, just make sure to remember it for later!

Time to spend some time with [insert girl’s name here]!

Act 1, Part 4 (The Weekend)


Now, this is where that first save will become of use to us. However, only after a certain point. So feel free to play through the game until you reach…

Sayori’s Confession…

After you’ve spent your time with either Natsuki or Yuri (and got their special CG’s), Sayori will confess her love to you. Pick ‘I love you’ even if you had chosen Natsuki or Yuri to direct your poems to instead. Once your character hugs Sayori, load the first poem save. It is VERY important that you do this BEFORE Sayori kills herself! Otherwise, the game will move onto Act 2, preventing you from going back to the First Poem Save! If you don’t, you’ll have to delete a file called ‘firstrun’, resetting the game.

If you didn’t wait too long, the game should allow you to go back.

Act 1, Part 5 (First Poem Save)

If all went well, you should be back at the first poem.

Now this is where you need to use the amazing feature of the human brain called memory!

Poem time!… For the second time

If you had directed your poem towards lets say, Natsuki, follow the steps above but for Yuri again. Once you arrive at this point again, do it one final time towards the final girl.

If you picked Natsuki to spend the week with, choose Yuri this time instead. If done right, you should have gotten two special images for all three girls, and two from the weekend. When Sayori confesses to you, you can pick either option as you’ve already gotten that image from the first run.

Bye Bye Save!

After getting all the images, make sure not to load the save again. This time, continue playing after the confession. Sayori will die, and the game will move onto Act 2…

Act 2, 3, and 4 (Ending)

If done correctly, you should have gotten two images from the three girls, two from the weekend, and one from Sayori’s confession. Sayori has been deleted, and everyone has forgotten about her.

Act 2

After this point, it doesn’t matter who the poems are directed to. Yuri will always be chosen and Natsuki will ‘snap’. After spending the weekend with Yuri, she will die and Monika will delete her and Natsuki.

Act 3

Act 3 will play out as normal. You will be put in a room with Monika, talking to her for eternity. little does she know, we have a special trick up our sleeves. We can delete her.

For those who don’t know how to do this, locate your installation of DDLC. Right click DDLC in the Library go to ‘manage’ and then ‘browse local files’. Find the folder named ‘Characters’ and give Monika a taste of her own medicine! (If you’ve installed DDLC from the website, just find it’s installation location.)

Act 4, The Ending

This is where your hard work (hopefully) pays off. The game will have reset after deleting Monika and will progress forwards like normal until Natsuki and Yuri go off to do their own thing. Instead of Sayori going rogue due to her new knowledge, she thanks you for spending time with all of them.

Roll Credits!

Monika will sing ‘Your Reality’, but instead of her note telling you ‘there is no happiness in the literature club’, a note from Team Salvato, thanking you will be shown.

Sadly, as I stated at the beginning, this is the best ending we can get.

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