Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! – How to Achieve 100% Data Collection

The steps required to take in order to complete the achievement “Breakthrough”.

Breakthrough Achievement Guide

Note: Credit goes to vegetable bush

Wallpaper Pictures

  • 1-7. Are unlocked by default.
  • 8-17. Are unlocked by completing the 7 side stories.
  • 18. Write a poem in any act in under 20 seconds.
  • 19. Select the word ‘kawaii’ when writing a poem.

Poem Pictures

Poem pictures 20-44 are unlocked in the main game.

You must romance all girls in one playthrough. You will have to make a save before the first poem writing minigame, write two poems for one of the characters, get a weekend event, and then load the save.

Yuri’s and Natsuki’s weekend events are found by assisting them with festival preparations. Sayori’s is found by telling her you love her.

As soon as you get to Monday, load your old save.

Additionally, you must complete a separate play through for each girl choosing 1 romance option to spend time with.

CG Pictures

Pictures 45-62.

Simply play through each side story and fully playthrough the main game 3 times choosing to spend time with each of the girls. This includes writing all poems for them, choosing to spend the weekend with Yuri and Natsuki, telling Sayori you love her.

Secret Pictures

Secret Pictures 63-72.

There are 7 secret poems that are randomly selected once you enter Act 2.

The quickest way to do this is to get to act 2 and skip until you are given the secret poem. Look at the secret and exit the game. On the main menu, now select new game and you are sent back to the beginning of act 2. Skip until you are given a secret poem and repeat.

Glitched Monika poem and Happy Thoughts are not counted into data completion.

You have to stare at the dot in poem 5 for a few seconds for it to be counted.

The eighth secret is the 1.5% chance “ghost menu” screen. Once you reach act 2, skip up until glitched Sayori approaches you in the classroom and turns into Monika, now exit the game and keep opening and closing the game until the ghost menu is shown.

This section can take hours so do this last.

Background Pictures

Background pictures 73-84.

Complete the 7 side quests and romance the 3 girls in Act 1 in separate playthroughs.

Sketches Pictures

  • 85. Select ‘doki-doki’ when writing a poem
  • 86. Choose to spend the weekend with Sayori and then Monika before then being forced to choose Yuri or Natsuki
  • 87. Delete Monika’s file before starting a game
  • 88. Write a perfect poem for Natsuki
  • 89. Write all poems for Natsuki in Act 1
  • 90. Write a perfect poem for Sayori
  • 91. Write all poems for Sayori in Act 1
  • 92. Attempt to load an old save file after Sayori hangs herself.
  • 93. Write a perfect poem for Yuri
  • 94. Write all poems for Yuri in Act 1
  • 95. Delete Monika’s file before she begins her monologue in Act 3
  • 96. Sent in an email
  • 97 & 98. Achieve the special ending
  • 99. Skip Monika while she is talking in Act 3
  • 100. Call for Sayori’s help when prompted in the Yuri and Natsuki argument
  • 101. Tell Sayori that you would walk home with her instead of Yuri/Natsuki
  • 102. Open the file poemwords.txt in the files menu
  • 103. Experience the ‘Play with me’ scene (write 2 poems for Natsuki in Act 2)
  • 104. Choose a corrupt word when writing a poem in Act 2.

Promo Pics

  • 105 – 107. In act 1, write each poem for a different girl
  • 108. Listen to at least 15 of Monika’s monologues
  • 109. Acquire all the secret pictures
  • 110. After Yuri kills herself, make it through the weekend without skipping (the easiest way is to use an autoclicker to skip the text very quickly)
  • 111. Finish all of the side stories
  • 112. Select the word ‘horror’ when writing a poem
  • 113. Delete Monika for a second time after resetting the game.


You should now have 98% or 99% data collection. To get 100% you must now open the music menu and listen to the song ‘Candy Hearts’ on loop for about 10 minutes (or about 4 loops of the song). Then back out of the music menu on to the menu screen. Open the music panel again and listen to candy hearts again and this time it will be a much more eerie version. Once you have listened to this all the way through you should have 100% data completion.

Unlocking the Achievement

Go into side stories and there is now an 8th option ‘test vm’. Running this should give you the achievement.

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  1. You can skip Yuri’s deatg “without skipping” by trying to load the previous save files or by trying to exit the game. Each time you try, the game with throw to to the next morning/evening.
    And during this time, when you see all these Yuri’s coded dialogues, if you press “History”, you’ll see the description of the game fron the Steam page.

  2. I think I may be experiencing a weird bug. It says that I have 100% Data Collected, I’m currently looking at it, however it’s saying that I don’t have the achievement. I restarted the game, my computer, still it says 100% and the achievement isn’t popping up :c

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