Kingdoms and Castles – Tips and Tricks (Hard Mode)

Alright, I Played kingdoms and Castles for over 90+ hours on hard mode so now I am going to make a guide for all the tips and tricks I discovered so far to maximize the amount of presents you have. Some of the tips are from other guides and YouTube videos but I am going to include them anyways for convince.

Starting Out

When your starting out put your keep near trees, fertile land and stone. After the keep is finished building, IMMEDIATELY build 1 road and 2 small houses.

It is very important that you do this as fast as possible. You start with 12 wood so you should be able to do this. The game instantly has visitors seeing your kingdom so if you don’t build fast enough your going to miss out on a few presents.

Operation Population Control

When you build you living quarters set them in a 2×2 format so you can replace them with manors for the late game. You really should not have small houses later because the houses do not give you much taxes compared to the manors.

Whenever you build homes you can safely remove old homes without penalty also peasants like being in big homes.

Firstly replace houses with cottages when you get enough resources.

  • 2×2 House = 20 Peasants
  • 2×2 Cottage = 24 Peasants

Then get a treasure room and a town square.

Replace cottages with manors.

Every time manor are finished building you should host a party at the town square to get people to visit. 50 coin for party 25 for manor.

Then that’s is all you can now control your population quickly without the years.


When it comes to forester you don’t need to put them in a forest area with lost of trees. To save space you only need a 3 square space for the trees to grow. The foresters will replenish those spots constantly and give you the save value as if you put them in a dense wood area.


When farming prioritize ahead use a 3×3 squares for wheat with a windmill in the middle. If you can’t get windmills yet leave the middle square empty so you can put it in later.It is not worth it to have random wheat plots without windmill support. Save 2×2 plots for orchards. For the extra land 2×1 put small granaries and for single 1×1 put orchard storage. You don’t need a overly large plantation just plat accordingly as your population grows unless you want to export. If you make to much food it would just go to waste.

The best location for farms is on the very green fertile plots, the light green is good too but go for the very green areas. It is also preferred that you put them in the middle surrounded by living areas so it is easier for the peasants to reach. The way food works is…

  • Farm -> Storage -> Head_Of_House(Homes)
  • Or In Late Game.
  • Farm-> Storage->Market->Head_Of_House(Homes)


Aqueduct are the things that moves the Noria to the reservoir some of the things you can put under it is…

  • Walls/Gate
  • Charcoal Makers
  • Roads Dirt And Stone
  • Small Markets
  • Farms
  • Wells And Fountains
  • Cemeteries

Use reservoirs to boost your farms/ orchards production.

You can also combine Noria’s using aqueducts to make it longer.

Resources / Happiness

For both stone and iron you can only put 2 quarries or iron mines on them(unless you use a mod).you should also put small or large stockpile’s close by so the stockpile works can gather resources quickly. Your builders build faster if they are near stockpiles.Around that area should also be industry area because houses lose happiness around…

  • Quarries
  • Iron Mines
  • Charcoal Makers
  • Fishmongers
  • Pig Farm
  • Butcher

In the housing area, to increase happiness use…

  • Statues
  • Taverns
  • Jousting
  • Gardens
  • Libraries/Grand
  • Church/Cathedral
  • Bakeries

Essentials close to housing.

  • Clinic/Hospital
  • Wells/Fountains


In a realistic kingdom you would want to have layers of defenses but in K&C you do not really need that you should just have an outer wall to keep vikings away and some ballistic towers inside to attack dragons. once the viking break the outer wall your people will be traumatized regardless of you having a second wall. double up the outer wall by building piers to build even more walls. Have archer towers on the inner wall and use the outer wall to soak up damages. Once you build piers and double up your walls you might find that there will be extra space on the inside for more stuff.

Pay attention to where the vikings attack because they pin point your weakest defense point and attack from there. You can also use that to your advantage by setting up a trap.

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