Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Best Difficulty to Play On for You

Just a quick guide that will (I hope) help new players orient where and on which level they are suposed to be in terms of game difficulty.


Hi, and welcome to my little guide. I’m making this because I feel there are a lot of new (or returning) players who don’t know or ignore where they belong with their level, gear and potencially skill. So, I’ll try my best as 4x lvl 30 maxed out characters and 300+h spend in game experienced slayer of the heretics, to present you the rough idea what difficulty I think is best for majority of players to spend their time in regarding their character level.

See, there is no problem with taking up the challenge, but going to high level of difficulty without adequate level – and so talents and underpowered gear will most likely make you a terrible experience with the game as you’ll probably die very quickly in heated situations and by that also dragging down your team trying to rescue you all the time or if they need the help from you (mistakes do happen to everyone).

Please do keep in mind that power level of your weapons thus their potencial damage and effectiveness, which you can buy at Brunts armory or from Sire Melk’s Limited Time Acquisitions is also limited to your level.

As I will not focus on any side of talent and weapon builds (plenty are out there) I will just recommend sticking with the best you can get from Brunt’s armory up until level 15-20 where it makes more sence to upgrade them at the Omnissiah Shrine. Tho if you have spare resources feel free to upgrade to the best weapon quality even early on – will help a lot with your effectiveness in battle.

Now, when that’s settled, let’s get started with my take on lvl to difficulty table.

Difficulty Table (Including XP / Resources Farming Advice)

For starters, there are 5 difficulty levels marked with number of lines on the picture of mission at the missions terminal and are called: (from easiest) Sedition, Uprising, Malice, Heresy, Damnation

Please keep in mind that the mission modificators increasing the actual difficulty of the battle like: High Intensity, Shock Troop gauntlet, Hunting grounds and any joined combination of those will effectively render that mission to be demanding just like a one difficulty above. For example High Intensity hunting grounds Malice mission will most likely feel like Heresy variant without any modificators. Tho grant it modificators don’t increase the actual HP and damage of the enemies, but just how much and which will more often spawn.

Similarly if you’ll feel powerfull enough nearing my sugested lvl limit, you can atempt one step higher difficulty but with Low intensity modifier. However, be carefull with the combinations of this one. Low intensity Shock troop gauntlet for example is no less hard to play than regular difficulty with no modifier – because of the constant spawning trigers of groups of specialist enemies (You know Muties, Poxbusters, Trapers,… all that nassty stuff)

Character LevelDifficultyNote
1-5SeditionIf you’ll feel more familiar with the game, or you are leveling your second character, you can ramp up to Uprising just after the first required mission by the tutorial at level 1
5-20UprisingExplanation below
20-28MaliceIf you feel it you should do Heresy without major problems at level 25. But be aware of Ragers, Crushers and Gunners
28-30HeresyGreat for further farming resources to get your weapons to orange tier and swap stats to perform better.
30DamnationYour reflexes and knowlage of the game will be realy tested here. Every mistake severely punished by the heretics. Never go there below lvl 30 without full talent build and with maxed out gear between total power of 450-500. Best for farming resources for your secondary character scoring ~600 plasteel and half of that diamantine per run.

So why to stay on Uprising difficulty until around 20 level? That’s quite simple, It’s the best XP farming method. Past this difficulty you increase time spend in mission significantly, but not so much XP income.

Regarding XP and money missions, with modificator or/with secondary objectives grant lot more XP, if you, for example, take all Scriptures. Just be carefull with Grimoires they lower your available HP turning it into coruption (purple hp in hp bar)


Before you start bashing me in coments 🙂 be informed that I fully respect that everyone has right to play the game how ever they please and it’s comfortable for them. But remember freedom goes both ways and by not be performing up with the difficulty level, you take away that freedom from other likely more experienced players to not waste time in battle by cary you or failing it because of that. Where the only thing for you to do is to be at the right place with the righ tools for the job.

This is just my try to help you all that are possibly strugling to find the God Emperor’s light as the game does not provide a clear explanation what the difficulties mean and what should you provide to keep up with your team.

Other than that remember to stay close to your team – not only you get smacked by specialist and they’ll have long way to rescue you (not able to do so even), but for the aura buffs that will otherwise not apply to you. Always focus specialist and elites – mere poxwolkers ale usualy the least problem as they can be staggered easily and do not do that much damage in comparison how other higher enemies will screw you up. NEVER skip on med stations and healing (prioritize teammates with more wounds or less health ofc, but thre’s never a reason to leave a charge in medstation as you 99% will never return to it, maybe the ones at the defense map sections), don’t hoard ammo and let those who need it more.777

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