Total War: WARHAMMER II – All 15 Races Best Units & Story Campaign Objectives

New Player Guide: Different lords have different objectives in the story Eye of the Vortex Campaign, some have the same missions but others have different missions.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t tell you what missions each lords has from the select screen. So in this guide I’m going to do just that. Also, the best units for every race.

Mortal Empires Story Missions

Mortal Empires is the campaign on the right that you unlock by owning both Warhammer 1 and Warhammer 2.

It basically merges the maps of both games together and you can also play factions from the first game, turning Warhammer 1 into a DLC for Warhammer 2.

Mortal Empires is the bigger map but it’s just a sandbox campaign. No matter what you play as, you have no pre-defined objectives. Your objectives are basically:

  • Do whatever.
  • Conquer the map.

There are 2 main events that will happen in an Mortal Empires campaign:

  • Chaos Invasion (unless one of the players plays as Chaos) -> Somewhere around turn 140 – 160 or even faster if the players expand fast enough, a huge amount of chaos armies will spawn in Chaos Wastes (the top-right of the map) that will invade the rest of the lands, a smaller force of Chaos will also spawn in the Icefrost Glacier (the top-left of the map) and again invade all the surrounding lands. They will do massive damage. You can defeat them by defeating all 4 armies of Chaos or killing their 4 leaders: Archaon, Sigvald, Kholek, and Sarthorael. If you do that, no matter how many armies of Chaos there are, they will despawn.
  • Wars of the Empires -> This is not much of a scripted event as well as a natural consequence of the game. As you progress in the game factions of the same race will likely confederate into 1 faction (just like you do) and expand, this means that by the time you have a colossal empire other factions will also have colossal empire, so you will have a battle of the titans where huge empires fight huge empires. Shortly after this time, good factions and evil factions tend to form a huge alliance each, so you will have a huge good vs evil total war spanning the whole map.

Eye of the Vortex Story Missions

Eye of the Vortex is the campaign on the left that you unlock by simply having Warhammer 2. It is the smaller (although not that small when compared to Mortal Empires) and story-driven campaign, each lord will have specific tasks to do with unique game mechanics that need to be completed to win the campaign.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t tell you what objectives each lord has from the select menu. So rather than selecting each lord and seeing the intro to see his objectives, here are the objectives of every Eye of the Vortex lord.

I was a bit dissapointed that not each lord has its unique campaign with unique challenges, but eh, at least there is some variety there.

Every lord may have different side-objectives to get special powers, even if their main campaign is the same as of others. For example, Imrik of the High Elves has the same Ritual main objective, but he also has side objectives where you tame and defeat dragons and in return you get… dragons.

High Elves:

  1. Tyrion -> Complete the Rituals (main good guy)
  2. Teclis -> Complete the Rituals
  3. Alith Anar – Complete the Rituals
  4. Alarielle the Radiant -> Complete the Rituals
  5. Eltharion the Grim -> Defeat the Broken Axe (unique feud with the Orc Warboss)
  6. Imrik -> Complete the Rituals

Dark Elves:

  1. Malekith -> Complete the Rituals (main bad guy)
  2. Morathi -> Complete the Rituals
  3. Lokhir Fellheart -> Complete the Rituals
  4. Crone Hellebron -> Complete the Rituals
  5. Malus Darkblade -> Rise of Darkness (unique feud with the Skavens)
  6. Rakarth -> Complete the Rituals


  1. Lord Mazdamundi -> Complete the Rituals
  2. Kroq-Gar -> Complete the Rituals
  3. Tiktaq’to -> Complete the Rituals
  4. Tehenhauin -> Complete the Rituals
  5. Nakai the Wanderer -> Huntsmarshal’s Expedition (unique feud with the colonists)
  6. Gor-Rok -> Complete the Rituals
  7. Oxyotl -> Heart of Darkness (unique feud with completing visions of the old ones)


  1. Queek Headtaker -> Complete the Rituals
  2. Lord Skrolk -> Complete the Rituals
  3. Tretch Craventail -> Complete the Rituals
  4. Ikit Claw -> Complete the Rituals (but very fun to play with, you have nukes,10/10 recommend)
  5. Deathmaster Snikch -> Rise of Darkness (unique feud with the Dark Elves)
  6. Throt the Unclean -> The Ultimate Harvest (unique feud with the Wood Elves)

Tomb Kings:

  1. Settra the Imperishable -> Collect the Books of Nagash
  2. Arkhan the Black -> Collect the Books of Nagash
  3. Grand Hierophant Khatep -> Collect the Books of Nagash
  4. High Queen Khalida -> Collect the Books of Nagash

Vampire Coast:

  1. Luthor Harkon -> Defeat the Legendary Beast Amanar
  2. Count Noctilus -> Defeat the Legendary Beast Amanar
  3. Aranessa Saltspite -> Defeat the Legendary Beast Amanar
  4. Cylostra Direfin -> Defeat the Legendary Beast Amanar

The Empire:

  1. Markus Wulfhart -> Destroy the Lizardmen and win 100 Acclaim.


  1. Repanse de Lyonesse -> Destroy either the Tomb Kings or Vampire Coast.


  1. Grom the Paunch -> Unique feud with Eltharion the Grim.

Wood Elves:

  1. Sisters of Twiglight -> Awaken and protect the woods.


  1. Taurox -> Destroy a lot of settlments including Oxyotl with his visions.


  1. Thorek Ironbrow -> Find lost artifacts.

Best Units for Each Faction

In case you just want to recruit the best units, here are some tier lists for the campaign from LegendofTotalWar (check him out on Youtube).

The top class is basically a “doomstack”. A doomstack is when you can win by only, or mostly depending on the case, just having that unit in your army. It’s usually a very powerful level 5 unit, but not always. A are always good, B definetly punch above their weight, C is average, D is below and E-F if there is don’t bother. Or do bother on lower difficulties where you try to use all possible types of units.

Keep in mind that these are only the best units for the campaign, not best units in general. Why? because in campaign you have: recruitment cost, upkeep cost, you need to build that building to recruit that unit. LegendofTotalWar looks at how convenient these factors are beside the efficacy of that unit in battle. A unit may be very good, but if it’s very expensive don’t bother.

Other units on the other hand may not be as good but their cost-efficiency ratio is amazing so that’s why you must recruit many of them. They do a lot and pay little. You don’t have this in multiplayer, so keep in mind that these tier lists don’t translate well in multiplayer battles.

Just look at what units in game match the tier list pictures. Eventually, check out LegendofTotalWar’s [faction name] Unit Roster Tier Ranking videos if you want a more in-depth explanation for why that is as well as more insight into the faction.

High Elves:

Dark Elves:



Tomb Kings:

Vampire Coast:

Warhammer I Races:



Vampire Counts:

*Skeletons are S tier and A tier because there’s a technology that makes them upkeep free so you can basically spam whole armies with them.




Warriors of Chaos:


Wood Elves:

The DLC Policy

No doubt you have noticed this game has a lot of DLCs, it’s not that bad, every DLC unlocks either: 2 new playable lords and about 4 new units for those 2 races or 1 playable race with 4 lords. You still have most of the game without them.

But even if you don’t have the DLC, they are still in the game, so you can fight them, you just can’t play as them or confederate them. One lord pack is 10$ and one race pack is 18$. You can totally enjoy the game without them, given that you still have 90% of the game without them, the only significant DLC I would say is buying Warhammer 1 which unlocks the Mortal Empires campaign and all the races from the old game in this new game.

Again, LegendofTotalWar has a tier list if you are interested in Warhammer 2 DLC:

But as he says, read up about them and make your own mind what lords you want to play as based on your personal taste.

For me it was:

  • Vampire Coast race pack because I just love the thematics of the Vampire Coast.
  • The Hunter and the Beast lord pack because I like both Nakai the Wanderer’s horde and beating everything in your path mechanic and Markus Wulfhart’s colonization efforts basically.
  • The Prophet and the Warlock lord pack soley for Ikit Claw which is by far one of the most amazing lords with nukes, about Tehenhauin I don’t care about him or like him at all but was worth for Ikit Claw.
  • The Silence & The Fury lord pack only for Oxyotl’s visions, I’m not so much into Taurox or Beastmen in general but it’s nice you can play another race in the story campaign.
  • The Twisted and the Twilight lord pack because basically I like Throt the Unclean’s experiments on other Skaven and Sisters of Twilight’s playstyle with defending the forest.

But that’s just my personal opinion. For example, the most popular race pack is actually Tomb Kings not Vampire Coast, I played Tomb Kings but I don’t like them that much, not great not terrible, obviously a lot of people disagree with me since it’s the most sold DLC, so read about them and make up your own mind based on your own tastes. And really, try a lot of the base game’s campaigns before you get into DLCs, there are a lot out there, especially if you also own Warhammer 1.

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