Super Woden GP 2 – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Gamepad Controls

  • Accelerate: A or RT
  • Brake: X or LT
  • Zoom: Right stick (gradually moves away at the start)
  • Horn: Rs button
  • Lights: And
  • Respawn: Hold B
  • Skip song: Back
  • Ghost modes: Dpad down
  • Show leaderboard: Dpad Up

Split Screen Keys

  • Dpad for different emotes
  • LB or RB, Alt emotes
  • LB + RB alters emotes (16 combinations with D-pad)

Questions and Answers

Why can’t I restart or exit some invitation events?

  • Certain events follow the last lap record rule. Restarting or exiting is disabled to prevent exploiting. I want to maintain fair competition and encourage players to finish their attempts. Look for the icon indicating this restriction in the event description.

Why not include a chase camera?

  • The game embraces an isometric perspective, paying homage to classic arcade games. While a rear camera might make things easier, it alters the intended experience for the niche audience. I appreciate diversity in gaming preferences, and there are other fantastic games catering to various perspectives.

Why doesn’t cloud save work on Steam Deck?

  • It functions with Proton. I’m actively working on a more streamlined native solution. Meanwhile, if you need to continue on the Steam Deck, run the game through Proton.

The game is too difficult, what do I do?

  • There’s an easy difficulty level. If you encounter difficulty spikes, try different cars and upgrade your tires. Experimenting with cars is integral to the game. I understand this may not suit everyone, but player feedback is invaluable. Let me know if you find any anomalies.

I’m stuck because I don’t have money, what do I do?

  • It’s designed to be impossible to run out of money. Sell cars, dismantle parts, or participate in seasonal events to earn quickly. For instance, in event 2, you can earn 500 credits per minute without necessarily winning.

I don’t know what race to do next.

  • Races are always available with the required stars. Explore various categories, weekends, championships, rallies, etc. If you lack the right car, sell cars or parts, or join weekly invitation events (sell parts first, then the car, for more money).

How do I change car names?

  1. Navigate to the game folder.
  2. Access this folder: Super Woden GP 2_Data\StreamingAssets\BrandLogos\
  3. Rename “Original_names.txt” to “custom_names.txt”
  4. Edit the file in a simple text editor like Notepad.
  5. Be cautious with the format and structure to avoid errors.
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