METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE – How to Parry and How You Can Use It to Your Advantage

Guide to Parry

What Is Parrying

Parrying is when you prevent an attack from hitting you and if timed perfectly you can do a Counter-Parry which can deal a lot of damage if it lands on your enemy unless they block it or they dodge it.

How to Perform a Parry

In the tutorial of the game it tells you how to parry but the tutorial doesn’t track if you do the parry correctly or not and you will still pass the tutorial even though you didn’t parry.

So to parry you want to be spamming the movement key depending where the enemy is if he’s in front of you, behind you, or beside you while also spamming light attack, this can only be done to attacks that doesn’t flash yellow and only red, if a enemies attack flashes yellow then it means it cannot be parried and you have to rely on dodging the attack but if the enemy flash red and not yellow when they’re gonna attack then it’s a attack that can be parried.

  • If the enemy is in-front of you then the movement key you spam is w
  • If the enemy is behind you then the movement key you spam is s
  • If the enemy is at the side then you press a if they’re at the left side or d if they’re at the right side
  • In-Front = W + Light Attack
  • Behind = S + Light Attack
  • Left-Side = A + Light Attack
  • Right-Side = D + Light Attack

Reminder: Make sure to spam each inputs because people hold the input and it doesn’t work.

How to Counter-Parry

Since I already explained what a Counter-Parry is I wont explain what it does. Know to execute a Counter-Parry is the same as Parrying but you parry right before the attack hits you and once it lands you will do a lot of health. In Revengeance Difficulty doing a Counter-Parry can wipe out way more health than the rest of the difficulties and take big amount of health away from your enemies including from bossfights.

Remember not all attacks can be Counter-Parried no matter what.


You don’t need to do this but I’ll still add it in this guide. To do do a Parry-Cancel you wanna add Offensive-Defensive while spamming it while executing a parry for example Z+W+Light Attack while also spamming each of them and Parry-Cancelling will make you invulnerable to the attack if you keep spamming the inputs and allows you to get out of the parries quicker allowing you to immediately attack and perhaps also stunning the enemy if you hit them after the parrying ends with the dodge and the dodge hitting them which can be great getting for hits on them while also help you combo them.

  • In-Front = Z + W + Light Attack
  • Behind = Z + S + Light Attack
  • Left-Side = Z + A + Light Attack
  • Right-Side = Z +D + Light Attack

Z is the Offensive-Defensive also known as dodging, you’ll need to unlock this skill at the shop.

Why Is It So Important

It allows you to survive longer and you can get into the parry animation even though your attack still hasn’t finished which can be useful even though you can blade cancel you may not have enough time to run away or use Offensive-Defensive and some attacks can quickly get to you because attacks that enemies execute on you that can be parried are executed faster while attacks that cannot be parried while take a while for them to fully execute the attack giving you enough time to dodge away or get away from it and learning how to parry is also really important against the Jetstream Sam bossfight and I kept dying against him because I didn’t know how to parry correctly.

About Blade Wolfs and the Gekkos Attacks

You can parry all Blade Wolfs attacks and all of the Gekkos kicks I just don’t understand why they glow yellow but the rest of the yellow attacks from the other enemies can’t be and the Gekkos charge attack can be parried just incase you also didn’t know because it doesn’t glow red or yellow.

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