Corruption of Champions II – Hidden Achievements Guide

How to Get Hidden Achievements


  • A Form You Are Comfortable With
  • The Russet Rogue
  • But I Trusted You
  • Is It Possible to Learn This Power
  • Refused the Call

As of the date of the writing of this post in October first of the year of our lord of 2023, there are five (5) hidden achievements. These are:

A Form You Are Comfortable With

  • Requirement: Duel of Wits – defeat the Jotun in Old Forest, sleep in the abandoned camp, and make Nareva tell the truth about the twins’ fate.
  • Talk to River in Halkethorne, asking him if you’ve seen him before.

The Russet Rogue

  • Requirements: Free Kiyoko and Kinu, finish Once Artifice Testing and For Want Of A Nail (Nakano’s missions).
  • Keep visiting the Cherry Tree and Kiyoko’s home, triggering Kinu’s events. Some of those (two, if I’m not mistaken) will show Kinu worried that someone was invading their home at night. Keep visiting Komari until Kinu shows up to tell about the situation.

But I Trusted You

  • Requirements: Go through the main story up until before you go face Alissa in the Winter City. You MUST BE FRIENDLY to Kasyrra in every encounter with her. I recommend both you having Mirror Stance (defeat the Jotun in Old Forest and sleep in the abandoned camp) and saving before facing Alissa for the next achievement’s sake. Complete Divine *** mission (talk to Salwah to start).
  • Go face Kasyrra, hug her, finish the quest, and go to her palace in the Ways Between. Keep sleeping in the Frost Hound and visiting the Temple of Mallach every day (requires Divine ***) until a random event marked as a star on the map appears (it took me a while). Say that Kasyrra wants a child. Then proceed to give your soul to either Keros (must have done Nakano’s missions) or Lumia (become a valkyrie). Be warned that I’ve never tried becomeing a valkyrie, so save before selling your soul to Lumia. Talk to Kasyrra again to break her demon heart (ask about her objectives and say you’re soulbound).

Is It Possible to Learn This Power

  • Requirements: Go through the main story up until save you go face Alissa in the Winter City or reload your save from the achievement before. Must have Mirror Stance (defeat the Jotun in Old Forest and sleep in the abandoned camp).
  • Fight Kasyrra while in Mirror Stance. She has three powers you can (and must) steal. She will one-shot you, so bring tons of Kaelirra Tears (sometimes Kohaku sells one), bring Cait, and use the ultimate power of Warrior Class. The Senninbari that Kiyoko and Kinu give you after you free them also helps.

Refused the Call

  • Requirements: Have no heart and empathy.
  • Create a new character and choose “Do Nothing” when Cait asks for help before the tutorial. The game restart from the choice. You must then agree to help her, but wait five hours.
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