Resident Evil 4 – Charm Guide

The full list of charms in the game.


You earn charms for your attache case as you play the shooting gallery and insert coins in to the gumball / toy machine.

They provide small passive boosts to enhance your game play.

You can equip up to 3 charms to your attache case.

There are a total of 30 charms to be found from the machine and 2 from the pre-order bonus.

Any combination of silver / gold tokens can be used, but you need 3 coins total for 1 random charm.

Silver tokens are the more common ones and gold tokens are the rarer ones. Using gold tokens increases your chances at getting the more epic charms, like the elusive Rhinoceros Beetle… which took me around 100 gold tokens to finally grab… so yeah, it’s all based on b.s. luck.

If you want to really try to get the rarer items, you’ll want to shove 3 gold tokens in the machine instead of just silver ones but this doesn’t mean the silver tokens are garbage. You can still have a chance at finding epic / legendary charms, using silver tokens, it’s just at a slightly lower rate.

Unfortunately you CAN pull duplicates, and you WILL pull them… So if you’re really annoyed with the shooting gallery in this game (like I am) you’ll want to save before pulling anything and make sure you don’t get a single duplicate charm.

You CAN NOT equip multiple charms of the same type (I tried) if you have 2 Striker charms and want +16% run speed, forget it, the game will just unequip the charm and move it to another spot.

Any duplicate charms you DO pull, you can sell for extra Peseta’s but it’s really not even worth it, you’re better off trying for another pull, as the time and effort it takes to earn extra coins is annoying.

Pre-Order Charms

As far as I know the only way to get these charms is to have pre-ordered the game:

Common Charms

These make up the bulk of the duplicates you’ll receive while trying to pull better ones.

Rare Charms

Epic Charms

Legendary Charms

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