The Bible – How to Get 100% on All Quizzes

All the questions and answers are in .txt files in the game’s files.

Guide to Get 100% on All Quizzes

Here’s How to Do It

  1. Go to the game’s files
  2. Go to “…\The Bible\game\quiz\quizzes”
  3. Open .txt file for the quiz you want to take, right answer is marked with a “+”

Example for Quiz 1:

Where was the tower of Babel constructed?

  • – Canaan
  • + Plain of Shinar
  • – Mamre
  • – Egypt

Here “Plain of Shinar” is the correct answer.

  • If you don’t want to actually answer the questions, you can just replace all “-” with “+” then any answer will give you a point.
  • Wait for the achievements to get fixed.

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