Remnant 2 – Guide to Corrupted Lumenite Farm

This is a method to cheese the spawn of an Abberrant that will always drop anywhere between 2 to 7 Corrupted Lumenite per run, and each run takes maybe 3 to 5 minutes depending on how fast you can get there and kill it.

Corrupted Lumenite Farm

Classes I Used

I used the Challenger with the Bulwark skill, and Explorer with the movement skill. Note that you dont need Explorer at all for this, its just that the extra 20% movement speed helps with getting there.

The Route

The route is the same as when you’re going for the Labyrinth Staff.

The Exploit

So basically, what you want to do is, after killing the boss, you use Liquid Escape (or jump off) to respawn, then ALT+F4 to close the game.

This resets the spawn of the Aberrant. Most of the time. I did 10 runs and it respawned at least 8 of those times.

If it doesn’t immediately respawn though, die and then do the path again and it should be there.

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