Remnant 2 – Guide to Nightweaver’s Web Trade

Nightweaver’s web trade and location.

Nightweaver’s Web Trade


Nightweaver’s Web can be found at the Losomn’s Tormented Asylum in Morrow Parish, which is the area you visit after travelling through the web holding the cocoon on the lowest level of the Aslyum once you have fed it the Soulkey Tribute.

Players can interact with Nightweaver’s Web and feed Quest Items to it to receive different rewards.

Note: this is irreversible. Once you feed an item to the web, it won’t come back and you will need to start another campaign or adventure to get another copy of this item.


Reroll campaign or adventure mode for Lonsom until you get the Morrow Parish starting point.

Play the main campaign until you reach Clided Chambers, where you’ll face the Nightweaver. You will obtain an item called the Soulkey Tribute. Return to Morrow Parish and head to the basement area, where you’ll find a bluish spider web. Interact with the web and offer the Soulkey Tribute. This action will teleport you to the tormented version of the Asylum. In this location, search for a bluish web inside one of the cells, interact with it.

Trade Table

Price – Item Received

  • Nightweaver Stone Doll – Dreamcatcher
  • Override Pin – Tormented Heartl
  • Dria’s Anklet – Ring of Retribution
  • Ravenous Medallion – Decrepit Rune
  • Kolket’s Razor – Nightweaver’s Grudge

Trade Details


  • Mele weapon. Besides being a melee weapon, Dreamcatcher can be used on sleeping Enemies or NPCs.
  • After dealing 250 damage, Charge Attack will release a Dreamwave, flowing outwards 20m and returning to caster.
  • Dreamwave applies SLOW to all enemies for 10s and grants a Stack of REVERIE for each enemy affected. Each Stack grants +2% to All Damage and +2% Movement Speed, which lasts 15s.

Items required

  • Nightweaver Stone Doll.
  • Reroll campaign or adventure mode for Lonsom until you get the Morrow Parish starting point. Players will receive the doll from the Head Doctor in the asylum after giving her 3 Stone-Carved Dolls. Doctor is located in the underground of the Asylum.
  • First Stone-Carved Doll can be found in the room across the office that has the iron safe, that requires four numbers to be open.
  • Second Stone-Carved Doll can be found outside the Asylum, in the shed where players fight Ripsaw.
  • Third Stone-Carved Doll can be found on the third floor, in one of the rooms. Players need to have the Asylum Third Floor Key found inside the shed outside of the Asylum. (While you are on the third floor, go through the open window in the first large room, leading to a small balcony where you will find the Prison Cell Key)
  • Return to the head doctor, give her all 3 dolls first, open the door and take the Nightweaver Stone Doll.

Tormented Heart

  • Innate 20% Use Speed bonus. On use, deals 240 Explosive damage to enemies within 10m and Lifesteals 25% of damage dealt.

Items required

  • Override Pin. Seeker’s Rest start to N’Erud is required. Is located inside an unnamed tower in Timeless Horizon. The tower has an elevator that leads to a statue that resembles the ones that have seekers keys. There is an opening you can enter on the right side of the room. Follow the path and you will find it.

Ring of Retribution

  • Incoming enemy damage increases Reload Speed and all outgoing damage by 10%. Lasts 15s.

Items required

  • Dria’s Anklet. Losomn’s Harvester Reach. When completing Riewen’s request, players will have to face Barghest the Vile mini-boss. Defeat it to obtain this item.

Decrepit Rune

  • Can be used by Nimue to craft Rune Pistol.

Items required

  • Ravenous Medallion. Losomn’s Great Hall, found on a table of the kitchen area.

Nightweaver’s Grudge

  • Gain 20% Critical Chance and HASTE when within 15m of an entity suffering from a Status Effect.

Items required

  • Kolket’s Razor. Can be found in Yaesha – The Lament, after solving the Consort’s Puzzle. You have to jump into the big open coffin in the middle of the dungeon.

Other Trades

Trading other quest items will give you random Relic Fragment upgrade or Relic Dust.

Known quest items what you can trade:

  • Aerary Glyph
  • Assassin’s Dagger
  • Cargo Control Key
  • Clockwork Pinion
  • Crimson King Coin
  • High Councilor Key Nyele’s Key
  • High Councilor Key Oniril’s Key
  • High Councilor Key Savan’s Key
  • Ornate Key
  • Ornate Lockbox
  • Plain Ribbon
  • Prison Cell Key
  • Rotten Thaen Fruit
  • Severed Hand
  • Stasis Pod Glyph
  • Stone-Carved Doll
  • Supply Room Key
  • Tarnished Key
  • Thaen Seed
  • Wooden Box
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