Remnant 2 – Obtaining Difficulty Reward by Helping People in Co-Op

The guide explain how to obtain difficulty reward and how to do it by helping others instead of your own campaign.

How to Obtain Difficulty Reward Loot

Note: Credit goes to K1

Difficulty reward loot can be obtain when finishing the game when playing higher difficulty (from veteran all the way to apocalypse).

Doing the higher difficulty will unlock both the difficulty reward with the difficulty below it (for example doing nightmare will unlock both veteran and nightmare loot and doing apocalypse will give you the whole 3 difficulty reward).

The game track progress of your character by killing the last boss of each world using that difficulty that unlocks the reward.

  • For losmon you need to kill one of (Faerin, Faelin, The Nightweaver).
  • For N’erud (Sha’hala, Tal Ratha (both form work).
  • For yaesha (Corruptor, Corrupted Ravager).

Note: For the 3 worlds above you need to kill only one of the bosses of that world(example for losmon either faerin faelin or nightweaver).

  • The Labyrinth (Labyrinth Sentinel).
  • And finally killing the last boss (Annihilation).

So the question is do you need to do it in your own campaign? The answer is no joining people online and helping them kill these bosses will count for you and once your done you will find the weapons in brabus shop and the amulets in reggies shop.

Note: Adventure mode doesnt count as far as I know haven’t tested it.

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