ASTRONEER – How to Ball to the Core

A quick guide on how to use the gravity globe to get to the core faster.

Guide to Ball to the Core

What You Need

To begin your descent to the core you need:

  • Gravity Globe: You can adopt one at an abandoned base or get one from the trade platform for 8 Astronium.
  • Drill: This depends on what planet you plan to try this on.
  • Core Resource: You will have to have the required resource on hand or you will be stuck at the core with no way out.
  • Activated Surface Node: At least one surface node will have to be activated for you to teleport back to the surface (technically optional as you can just teleport to the satellite).

The Descent

When you arrive on the planet you want to ball to the core of, prepare your ball where you want to start your tunnel. Start tunneling down with the ball first and you right after it. You don’t have to stand on the ball but you should have a bit of distance between you and the ball.

Continue digging down until you reach a cave. You have to quickly hop into the ball or you will die and it will be a pain in the ass to get your stuff back(especially if your on Atrox and don’t have a spare drill). The ball will absorb the fall damage and you will be perfectly safe. Continue down and you will have reached the core (if you didn’t accidentally die already).

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