ASTRONEER – Crafting Recipes

Crafting Recipes


  • Backpack Printer (BP)
  • Small Printer (SP, made with BP)
  • Medium Printer (MP, made with SP)
  • Large Printer (LP, made with MP)

Other Crafting

  • Chemistry Lab (CL, made with MP)
  • Smelting Furnace (SF, made with MP)
  • Atmospheric Condenser (AC, made with MP) (See notes)

Crafting Key

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Atmospheric Condenser

Not much to see, but some notes should be put here. The gas for each planet differs based on these 3 bullet points:

  • What planet can produce the gas you want (E.G. sylva supports Hydrogen)
  • What your power setup will look like (E.G. on sylva your shelter, or on desolo wind turbines.)
  • How much is given per minute (E.G. Sylva can do hydrogen at 75 PPU, which is 13 seconds.)

Also, here is a table for all the planet to gas ratio.

Tip: Make sure you have space in your bag or ship to take all the things you need.

Here is some extras that got cut during the making of this guide. these resources might also have gotten cut because of duplicates/better info.

Planet Key

Planet Tables

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  • Galastropods are useful. Obtain them ASAP for great benefits.
  • Remember to feed galastropods the right food for x3 benefits.
  • Get clay from the surface and not from the core.
  • use the soil centrifuge with alot of canisters for better resource yield.
  • Try to build a tether line out to POIs (E.G. to mountain biome).
  • Explore glacio the most cause its the best.
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