Remnant 2 – How to Win Nightweaver

Nightweaver Fight Tips

I don’t know if anyone needs this, but still find a bow, or rather, take a double-barreled shotgun from a safe in a psychiatric hospital.

In the second phase, when the weaver makes a grapple attack, shoot once, after he performs another grapple, make a second shot, otherwise do not deal damage, concentrate only on the grapple.

Or you can dodge the grab directly into it but then the casting window will be smaller.

Another point, if you deal a lot of damage to a weak spot, then in the second phase she will appear with two spiders, each time. But without the super spawn of spiders.

Note: I had a lot of trouble with this fight until I started dodging towards her for most of her attacks. Keeping too much distance and trying to dodge sideways/backwards just seemed to make the fight super hard, especially in the first phase.

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