Remnant 2 – Tips for Solo Player

Tips form me after 20h of game.

Solo Player Tips

  • Choose medic(unlimited heal with countdown) as a first class if you play solo later you can unlock second class
  • Any heal weapon mod or skill is MUCH FASTER then healing by using heart animation…
  • You can dodge anything while you are in air animation of rolling(there is most iframes in this window)
  • If there is too many enemys run back or take cover or go up ladder.
  • If you jump from edge you it dont take any stammina and you can escape faster from up close fights(it even regenrate it mid air)
  • Upgrade weapons regulary
  • Upgrade hearts at Walace
  • Switch Rings if you have many because ones you equip are likely badly or not synergize with your class at all
  • Give mods to weapons
  • Give mutators to weapons
  • Dont dodge to explosive barrels
  • You can swap skills in archetype class
  • Checkpoints spawn ammo
  • You can give modficators to your heart(bonus stats)
  • Dont buy too much consumables as you need money for any upgrades its better to use the ones you find or hold money for later
  • Aim for weak spots as often as you can
  • Turn ON low latency input in menu
  • You can buy new weapon and switch them near aiming grounds in town
  • You can craft most of things
  • Some expensive crafting items like with price 1500 scrap can be second class so watch for them in shops in town.

P.S. Dont forget to have good game!

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