PAYDAY 3 – Stealth Tips for Dummies

Just some tips for those new to Payday 3 stealth, trust me, its WAY different than Payday 2 stealth.

Beginners Tips to Stealth

First and foremost, this is NOT like payday 2’s stealth, a fair amount of that experience wont help you here.

Take it slow

Payday 3 is the opposite of payday 2 in terms of stealth movement, crouching is your best way to move around, sprinting is your worst way of moving around, detection range and speed depends on your stance and speed, it also ticks up VERY fast.

Communicate with your team

Payday 3 is made with WAY more communication in mind than 2, this applies to both stealth and loud.

Its especially good to have a spotter, and using cams are actually useful now, so be sure to coordinate.

Don’t mask up

If you don’t NEED to mask up, like for taking down a guard or moving somewhere you have to go and cant go to in casing, don’t do it, so long as you’re not in a restricted area, or caught doing something illegal, you wont raise any alarms, casing is also a REALLY good way to move bag loot at the end, as civilians and guards wont be suspicious of casing players carrying bags.

Distract guards

This falls in part with communication, you can distract guards for your team, to create openings or stop them from seeing something you don’t want them to, in private areas you can have guards escort players in casing, or use audio distractions, in restricted areas you can sprint, slide, or barge through doors to alert nearby guards to the sound, and they’ll move to investigate, there should be plenty of time for you to move away without them seeing you, audio distractions also work, just don’t get caught in restricted areas!

Dont throw grenades

I know the key, dont you do it, im looking at you.

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