PAYDAY 3 – Dirty Ice Guide

Payday 3 Mission Guide – Dirty Ice

The trick to doing this mission in stealth is to know the following and grap the Manager.

1) When the mission start run into the bank and find the manager, she always stand the same location. On the pillar she stand near is an image of employee of the month and there is an ID code on that image. This changes every time you play the mission.

If you have the skill to setup a small spy camera on the wall then put it somewhere there so you can see the code if you forget it.

You can also close the window shades i recommend doing this, there is a button on the window frame and you dont need to wear a mask to do so.

2) Go outside and down the stairs and take out the guard. Sometimes he have a security card on the back of his pants.

You can also just steal it while he is standing still and avoid spending time taking him down but you will run into him again

Later so maybe just take him out (remember to loop or destroy the camera before you do this)

(To loop the camera so they turn blue and wont raise the alarm you need a special skill).

Sometimes he have the blue security card, sometimes he dont.

4) There are several mobile phones laying around that you can scan and get a 1 time use to open a door.

I recommend that you only scan 1 mobile phone in the start and ONLY use it to unlock the VIP jewlerly room

The reason is you need to be a bit fast to get your hands on the manager since she leave after about 5 minutes.

The mobile phones is typical located in

  • Managers office
  • The sink in the bathroom
  • On a box near the civilian who are about 10m from the escape van
  • In the coffee room

5) In the alley where you took out the guard go up and open a window and jump in.

Grap the civlian that you encounter (F) and drag the civ to the stairs and tie them up.

6) You now notise a door with a security lock.. Look at it and mouse over the buttons and you see fingerprints on them.

Notise the numbers.

7) Go upstairs and take out the security camera in the hall and shut the door to the coffe room.. (notise the wifi code on the white board)

If it have the numbers with fingerprints on them from the security panel then try the code and see if the door open els go to one of the other locations and look for a code that matches the “fingerprints” on the keypard.

In general there are several locations for the code.

  • There is a wifi code in the cofee room
  • There is a code in the VIP jewlery room on the desk. The numbers are in an open book
  • Sometimes there is a hint in the computer hacking text in the managers office that say the Code is the ID of the employee of the month photo that hang in the front room. This is next to the manager on the pillar.

Once you have the correct coden then run to the basement and enter it and open the door.

You need to be pretty quick about getting the code and opening the basement door, its key to getting the most out of playing stealth.

8) In the basement continue streight forward and jump over the small wood wall and lockpick the door that goes into a small room.

If there is a guard take him out.

In there you find a safe and a box on the wall.

Open the safe and wait 2-5 seconds and read the papers in the safe.

It is very important you do this if you want to capture the manager.

When you leave jump over the wood wall and use the keycard to take out the camera room (if you found the correct key card)

When taking the officer out in there you shut down all cameras. You dont have to do this you can just smash or shoot the cameras with a silencer but on the most tough difficulty taking out the camera room is essential and very important since you cannot destroy the cameras. But on normal mode or hard you can just smash them and take out the guards without much problems.

9) Run back to the VIP jewlerly room and go near the EYE scanner that lead to the locked room.

Now you should hear a woman speak and tell you to go to the managers room and use the phone to lure the manager down into the basement. Once you do this the manger will come to you and then just capture her and force her to go to the eye scanner.

Press Q and throw her against the eye scanner and she will unlock it.

10) Now throw you loot bags into the machine and wait and your loot will go up in value when its scanned.

11) While waiting take any civilian to the managers room and force them to use the Button on the table.

Now run to the Vault and open the door and you can get some extra loot (egg) in there as well.

12) Now empty the vip room and the vault in stealth and you can exit the game with 200k or so if you like on hard level.

13) If you just play alone I dont recommend to try to do the front hall in the jewlery store.

Yes its easy to take out the guards and get people down on the floor.

The major issue is that you cannot close the door so even though you take out everyone and hide them then there will all the time pe civilians walking in… And at some point things just go bad since someone on the street will see someone and the alarm will go off.

So my advice avoid it if you are playing alone the risk of detection is to high.

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