PAYDAY 3 – The Stealth Build for Overkill (Level 100)

Stealthing in PD3 is pretty easy if you take the right skills and I will try to show you my personal preferences. You can do every stealthable heist in the game like this.


Here is my go to skill setup. You can use it for pretty much every heist in the game:

Skill Explanation

Skills from the build

Infiltrator (Aced) + Quick Fingers:

With these 2 skills you can pretty much lock pick every lock in the game even if a guard is looking right at you. Also you can quickly pick many locks in a row

Escapist + Swift:

Nice for some extra movement speed


A nice source of Rush

Walk the Walk + Social Engineering:

Let’s you be basically invisible to everything beside guards

Open Mic:

Kind of a quality of life skill that in some situations also may save your ass


Saves you if you get cuffed by accident. Also enables cheesy tactics like speedrunning Rock the Cradle in under 2min

Hacker + Secure Loop + Routed Ping:

Hack cams, loop cams, mark guards

Appliance Breach:

It’s really usefull to be able to lure a guard away and not be at that specific place where he will go

Glitch Protocol:

  • A guard saw you in a private area? Hack him and walk away.
  • A guard blocks your way and you don’t want to kill him? Hack him.
  • Also usefull if you need a QR-Code and the guard you are trying to hack wants to walk away.
  • Easily one of the strongest stealth skills in the game.

Strategist (Aced):

Marking just 1 guard is pretty low. How about 3?


Usefull if you don’t want to wait for a radio to finally trigger

Transporter + Beast of Burden + Catapult:

These skills are mostly quality of live. Being able to move loot fast and efficient feels good. Also I like to yeet bags. If you need skill points for other heist specific skills I’d remove these first

Other skills you might consider


For hacking drones

all Scrambler skills:

If you like the ECM and want to use it you might want to take a look at these skills. There are some pretty strong options aswell

CQC Specialist + Groundskeeper:

If you are into takedowns these might come in handy

Signal Catch:

I really don’t see the use in this skill. Needing a line of sight makes this skill so usefull for me. But maybe there are some who like it.


Choosing your weapons is almost entirely up to you. Since PD3 has no detection risk you can choose your favorite weapon. I’d only recommend to have a pistol with supresssor. However here is my personal setup

Primary [VF-7S]

I choose this weapon because it’s super powerful and may save you when something goes wrong while stealthing. There is no reason to use it while you are still in stealth.

  • Sight: Sheath RDS
  • Barrel Extension: Cylindric Silencer
  • Barrel: CQC Barrel
  • Grip: Biofit Grip
  • Magazine: Quick-Pull Mag
  • Stock: Light Frame
  • Vertical Grip: Angled Ghost Grip

Secondary [Signature 403]

I choose this weapon because it has the highest damage among all the pistols a big magazine and you can equip a supressor on it.

  • Magazine: Quick-Pull Mag
  • Barrel Extension: Snub Silencer
  • Sight: LED RDS
  • Grip: Ribbed Grip


Standard Lining is simply the best for stealth since you dont need armor and it gives you the most movement speed.


There is only one choise for stealth throwable in stealth and it’s the Throwing Knifes. These are really useful if you want distract a guard. Simply throw them somewhere and the nearest guard will hear it and go to investigate.


Looking at the tools there are actually some tools to consider. I don’t like the new ECM Jammer so I almost never use them. MicroCams can be really usefull in some situations.

Motion Sensor

However the Motion Sensor is the most outstanding tool in my opinion. Stealthing on Overkill adds the Lead Guard and you NEVER want to be caught by this dude. Simply put a Motion Sensor on his back and you will alway know where he is at. You can also place it somewhere on the ground if you want to spy on a specific place.

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