Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound – Useful Hints and Tips

Here is a few tips and tricks that I learned playing the game in the past few weeks.

Hints and Tips

Have Support Characters

  • Have support characters that carry Hp/Sp restoring items and, more importantly, Gency Tonics and Divers, this is pretty essential if you want to farm free dungeons.
  • Have a support character equipped with all +movement speed items if you need to grab an item on the ground before clearing a stage.

Reincarnation / Transmigration

Note: The part regarding retaining the stars or not by making a building instead of using the reincarnate command isn’t confirmed.

First of all, mind that the two ways to reincarnate a character and that they are not the same thing:

  • By making it creating a facility (The process will kill it, unless it’s like level 800+)
  • By reincarnating this way the character won’t carry over the extra stars, if any to the next creation
  • By using the “Reincarnate” command when making a wish
  • This command is only available if the character was previously created using an item with Stars in its name
  • This command is only available if the character level is equal or greater than it’s “Stored” stars
  • Either method you choose the character will keep its accumulated mana from its previous reincarnation.
  • To increase the number of “Stored” stars which allows you to add more base stats when creating a new character, you have to make the character reincarnate using an object that does have stars in its name.

Early Money/Level Farming

You can farm lots of money by just repeating stage 3-4 which is both fast and gives all bonuses upon completion so,easy money.

Once you get around level 18 you can even kill the facility in stage 3-4 by using 8 characters doing chain attack with the last one doing the damage, at level 18 I did between 100 and 140 damage per cycle, it was slow but gave me 7 or so levels in one shot(And obviously get faster next time).

Double Weapon!

You don’t have to stick with 1 weapon per character, you can equip multiple weapons in the armor slots and switch in-battle via the “Item” command, basically you have at your disposal dozens of weapon-related skills at any given time, assuming you have trained in those weapons.

Pseudo Resurrection

You cannot revive in-battle a dead ally in this game, however if you’re in a free dungeon whoever is the leader (The character you move around in the main hub) will be revived with 1 Hp next stage if he dies.

Lift Zetta Up!

Zetta (The tome),can be picked and thrown in the same turn, this is obviously very useful if you want to invite your troops directly next to enemies but your Zetta is too far away.

Another no less important use for this is to protect Zetta from being hit:

  • If a character is holding Zetta, even if it’s get killed, the damage won’t reach Zetta
  • Keep in mind that at very high levels (lv.500+) Zetta can be killed so, use this trick to protect it
  • Remember that if Zetta is hit the “Invite” command will be disabled so, plan accordingly!

Unlock Hidden Areas – Alternate Method

Aside from destroying the “Key” object in a dungeon or throw an item in the hidden area to reveal it, if Zetta is in range you can summon someone directly in the hidden area, revealing it immediately. If Zetta isn’t close enough, remember you can always pick and throw Zetta as needed.

Damage Everything

Remember that if you or someone else hits Zetta, he will distribute the damage to everyone on the map (Allies and foes), as well as disable the invite command AND delete some of the bonus items available. The spread damage won’t affect items on the ground.

This trick can be used to speedrun stages by hitting Zetta with someone that can survive its own damage while one shooting everyone else in the map (Again, keep in mind that the damage won’t affect items).

Keep Item’s Points Without Destroying It

It’s not mandatory to destroy an item on the ground to get its points, if you pick it up the points will be immediately assigned to you, and if you finish the stage while still holding it up you will get it in your inventory.

Vehicles Can Save Your Life

In this game, often who hits first wins, but sometimes you can’t reach your enemy in one turn but the enemy can reach you in the next turn, what to do?

If you can summon vehicles in that map, you can summon a vehicle(Any),and hop your precious character in it, that way, he will survive the next hit, no matter how strong, the vehicle will absorb the impact.

Not Just Gency Tonics

If you cannot use Gency Tonics, you can use Divers instead to exit a dungeon if there’s less than 30 floors left.

Fast Reincarnation

As you know, to reincarnate a character you need to have mana and a be of a certain level based on how many stars / extra stats you have; So to put it simply a character with 10 stored stars need to be level 10+ to have the option to reincarnate, but what if you want to just absorb the stars of an item and reincarnate almost right away?

If you have a lot of money and mana lying around,here is what you can do:

  • Reincarnate to a merchant
  • Buy lots of stuff from her until she reaches the needed level
  • Reincarnate
  • Rinse and repeat

If you can get your merchant at level 100+ then leveling becomes much faster with food dungeons, so you can skip free dungeons entirely.

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