Viking Hiking – 100% Achievement Guide

This is an in-depth guide for help getting every achievement in Viking Hiking!

How to Obtain All Achievements


I highly recommend trying to find all the Runestones / Wisps before spoiling it.

Achievement Bugs (Read Me)

If you are having trouble unlocking achievements even though you met the requirements, these reasons might be why:

  • You changed graphics settings.
  • You have been playing the game for too long.

Graphics Settings

If you change the graphics settings of the game, achievements will stop triggering. Restarting the game will reset the graphics settings to default, and you can get achievements again.

Playing the game too long

Achievements stop triggering for me after about ~15 minutes of game-play. Once again, restarting the game resets this timer and you can get achievements again.

Unobtainable Achievements

The following achievements are unobtainable due to the above reasons:

  • Dedication to the Gods!
  • Completionist!
  • Odin’s Favorite


This game was produced by a team of 20 university students. Because of that, they are not continuing to work on this game for the time being. So don’t expect these bugs to be fixed any time soon.

Collection Achievements

The Start of a Journey!

  • Collect your first Rune.

Walk into a Rune to pick it up.

Valhalla Awaits!

  • Collect 12 Runestones to open the Gate.

Collect 12 Runestones to unlock this achievement. You do not need to actually open the gate to Valhalla.

Dedication to the Gods!

  • Collect all Runestones.

Collect all 32 Runestones scattered throughout the map.


  • Collect all wisps in a single run.

Collect all 150 wisps scattered throughout the map.

Odin’s Favorite

  • Unlock all Achievements.

Other Achievements


  • Open the settings Menu.

Just click the Settings button in the Escape menu.

A seasoned Hiker

  • Hike 1000 meters!

Run around in circles until you get this achievement.


  • Talk to the mysterious figure!

Walk up to the center of the circle (after completing the introduction) and talk to Odin.


  • Dive 50 meters!

Go to a very high place and dive off it (holding ‘e’).

I jump from a high place into water because water gives you a couple extra meters of distance.

Like a pangolin!

  • Rolling Rolling Rolling!!!

Go to a flat place and roll in circles until you get this achievement.

Secret Achievements

Death Wish!

  • Drown in the starting area.

When you start the game, walk into the water behind where you spawn.

A good listener!

  • Listen to all of Odin’s Dialogue!

Odin’s dialogue includes the tutorial. Press ‘f’ at each yellow orb to prompt the dialogue.

After the tutorial, you should unlock the achievement after going through Odin’s beginning speech.

I wasn’t done talking, How Rude!!!

  • Walk away while Odin is talking to you.

After Odin’s first couple sentences, the camera will pan out to view Odin standing over you. At this point, walk in a direction until Odin’s dialogue disappears.

Made With love!!!

  • Find the hidden cave.

The hidden cave is on the very left side of the “pirate cove” (as I call it). There should be a stone path in the water where you need to jump from stone to stone. At the end you’ll find the cave.

Is that a rainbow?

  • Activate the BiFrost.
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