Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Cheat Mode within The Game

Cheat Mode

Since it seems most of the major “game reviewers and writters” can’t understand what people actually want and you are like me who launches a game before searching after cheat for it.

Then this is for you:

  • config.cheat_mode 1

And to disable it, change to 0 (fully recommended after you done whatever blasphemy you wanna do).

So easy is it. I had to search for 20+ minutes because professional websites and other weird websites kept asking me to close down the game and go into the game files. But I know for a fact, that I could change this settings from within the game. So it made me very disappointed that the people that supposed to help players, are not showing the most effective way.

Yes, I could have quit the game and reloaded it, but then I have to quit again to disable the cheat. That sounds dumb to me. And as someone who loves playing with 30+ mods and often get stuck in a battle, where an enemy is stuck in a wall (Apparently this can happen in vanilla too) I rather have this little command with me.

So this guide is mostly for me, because I am an international loaf brain.

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