Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Basic Infantry Combat Guide and Option Select

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Basic Infantry Combat Guide and Option Select
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Basic Infantry Combat Guide and Option Select

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Basic Infantry Combat Guide and Option Select in Bannerlord (simple combat Duel AI).

Who am I?

Im a Warband Veteran and played during the Bannerlord beta aswell, mostly Infantry on NW semi-competitive. I got a decent amount of experience in native aswell from nation cups. In Bannerlord im around lvl 50 at the moment.


There are two states or turns in melee fighting, an Attack Turn and a Defense Turn. Most people will know this as Attack and Block or ping-pong. Keep in mind that the stun durations are still a bit random in bannerlord.

In each turn there are different move options selectable. In this guide the moves will be shortly explained and I will go over each and explain when and how to execute each of the moves.


Kicking and shieldbash isnt really mentioned, both of them can break the flow of the combat. Maybe a section will be added later.

The player should always try to keep the enemy centered on your screen (the bots in singleplayer fail to do that).

Attack Turn

1) Attack

When to do:

  • If you missed to active block
  • after you land a hit (not always guaranteed)
  • the enemy is spamming attacks alot

How to perform:

  • Tap left mouse button

2) Hold

When to do:

  • To offset the enemy active block

How to perform:

  • Hold down left mouse button and then release
  • You can mix it with feints and a dolphin aswell

3) Feint

When to do:

  • Left feint 1-5 times
  • or simple left right

How to perform:

  • Cancel your attack release with right mouse button

Defense Turn

1) Block

When to do:

  • The enemy attacks you and you got no other options

How to perform:

  • Right mouse button and correct direction

2) Spam

When to do:

  • The enemy has a slow weapon (dismounted cav, veteran)
  • The enemy didnt active block your attack
  • The enemy is feinting or holding alot

How to perform:

  • Press d+w to manipulate the stance and left-side-attack (recommended)
  • press a+w manipulate the stance and right-side-attack

3) Outrange

When to do:

  • Enemy has a short weapon (maces, flyssa, short sword)
  • slow movement speed (legionary)
  • You have a fast unit and long weapon Exception: be careful when outranging dismounted cav units, spear infantry, veterans, 2h since they got long weapons

How to perform:

  • Create distance diagonally with s (+a/d) then start a long attack

Video Guide

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