Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Attacks That Inflict Sealed

Weapon / Line That Has a Good Number of Sealed Attacks

Fist and atleast 1 spear art although the spear art that I am recalling is linked specifically to the spear found in the Wolf Canyon place in southern province pretty sure fist has the most though.

I personally prefer to have a weapon with it then I just get that passive that doubles the effect of sealed and other ailments.

Also just to add one fist art the unknown book you get from the waiter dreaming of becoming a hero in Linan is a sealing fist art need appraise book 4 to get it though.

The leader of the melody house can give you a flute that does sealed. I think the numbers are random, and mine is 16. to get it you just have to learn the attacks that she gives you when you complete her quests.

Combined with the passive that inflicts double seal and double attack, you can do more than 60 seal per turn, it’s crazy OP!

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