Undertale – Undyne General Guide (Pacifist)

Undyne Is a simple fight but you cannot ACT to win, I will give you a short rundown on how to beat her fight in Pacifist.


Note: Credit goes to Your Awesome Gamer

Before the fight, you will want to grind Pacifist encounters to get G to buy both the cloudy glasses and torn notebook, equip both and Buy healing items.

Then save outside of her fight arena.

The Actual Fight

Once you get into the fight, if you have the Cloudy Classes and Torn notebook equipped, Challenge undyne, the faster arrows will get blocked by the extra I-Frames from your items.

Whenever you are not Green, go to MERCY and press FLEE and run towards hotland, Repeat until you get to hotland.

When closing in on Hotland, Papyrus will call you If he is alive. Once you get to hotland and Undyne Passes out, grab water from the Dispenser and poor it on her.

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