Hearts of Iron IV – How to Get Don’t Die for Your Country Achievement

Today you will learn how you can get one of the most hardcore achievements for an Austrian artist.

Some Information About Germany

Germany has been a very strong state since the beginning of 1939, but if you start from 1936, you can become much faster.

That’s not the point. In 1939, there is an achievement about which we will now talk and chat.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Start the game in 1939 for Germany
  • Prepare the army for the borders of Poland
  • Do not forget to place an army on the borders of France
  • Take the fleet out to sea for landing, in no case into the English Channel
  • You can take a focus on leveling up the fleet (Preferably one)
  • Buy the necessary raw materials , you can build factories or military plants , it does not matter
  • Put part of the aviation over Poland and over those regions where sea superiority is needed to land in Britain
  • Take a look at the logistics there is a complete kick – ass, accumulate ammunition
  • The preparation is over

Step 2: Total War

The war has begun, what should we do?

Don’t worry, pull up your diapers and read carefully

Call Slovakia to the war, you can call the rest, but I did not call.

Take Danzig and the rest of Poland’s ports by force.

Take the national focus “Danzig or the War” – “Bypassing the Maginot Line”

The pathetic horse divisions of Poland are cutlets, But do not capitulate to it, you can take Warsaw and leave it to cry.

Then leave 2 armies on the borders of Poland and run to France and the Benelux, capture Belgium, the Netherlands, and then the French Baguette.

After we annex France completely (Without Vichy)

After the victory, Britain remained in Europe.

If by that time your prepared divisions have not landed, we will send ALL AIRCRAFT to those regions in which there is no superiority and enjoy landing in British Tea.

It is important to note that we must act quickly because the soviet union will insert its help in the partition of poland.

I remind you that poland is still alive, we must capitulate to britain and france.

After that, we will annex all of Poland and France with Britain and enjoy the resulting achievement.

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