ELDEN RING – Boss Weaknesses Guide

The Elden Ring world is full of nasty bosses that can’t wait to get you. You need to take them out in order to complete various challenges and get your hands on handy upgrade materials.

The quickest way to beat bosses is to target their weak points. Let’s find out what weaknesses each boss has so that you can take advantage of that in combat.

Main Bosses

List of weaknesses for each bosses in Elden Ring.

Boss NameWeakness to exploit
Godrick the GraftedGodrick is weak to weapons that do bleed damage. Blood weapons do wonders on him.
Red Wolf of RadagonFire Grease
Rennala, Queen of the Full MoonRennala is weak to bleeding and physical damage. Use blood weapons against her. Magic is a no-go.
Starscourge RadahnWeak to Scarlet Rot, and bleeding
Glintstone DragonWeak to bleeding and physical damage
Morgott, the Omen KingYou can only beat him by carefully coordinating the attack with your allies. Can be poise broken.
Godfrey, First Elden LordHe tends to respect your space. Keep mid-distance to lessen aggro, that will make him easier to manage.
Hoarah Loux The WarriorScarlet Rot
Cemetery ShadeThe Shade is weak to magic and fire. Use the Order’s blade buff and dual wield GreatSwords.
Ancestor SpiritWeak at anything, but a great strategy is to just move forward in all his attacks, he’ll miss, and you can move behind his back to do some damage, just watch out for his back kick
Dragonkin SoldierLock onto the inner thigh of the Soldier’s right leg, behind his back, and keep slashing it.
Malenia Blade Of MiquellaMalenia’s main weakness is bleed damage, If you’re a strength build though, infuse your weapon with bleed damage when you can. It also counteracts her ability to steal your health. You can frozen her pretty easily too.

Mini Bosses

Boss NameWeakness to exploit
Margit the Fell OmenUse Jellyfish to poison Margit, and coordinate a team attack.
Flying Dragon AgheelFight this boss while riding Torrent.
Leonine MisbegottenSorcery
Red Wolf of RadagonFire Grease
Glintstone DragonNone.
Borealis the Freezing FogStay on your horse, get the Lance Talisman, and hit him when opportunity appears.
Decaying EkzykesMain weakness is Bleed damage, just focus his feet and dodge his breath or.. your gonna die
Valiant GargoyleMagic appears to be a big advantage in combat, as it lets you keep both enemies at range.
Valiant Gargoyle (Twinblade)Fire, Ice ashes works pretty well. Maybe bleeding.

Field Bosses

Boss NameWeakness to exploit
Mad Pumpkin HeadNone.
Erdtree BurialWeak to Magic
Stonedigger TrollBait his attacks, and roll away to create separation before casting for best results. .Weak to Magic Glintblade
Grafted ScionBleeding damage
Soldier of GodrickWeak to anything
Beastman of Farum AzulaWeak against magic
Demi-Human ChiefThis boss can be staggered
RunebearWeak to rot grease, almost immune to bleeding
Crucible KnightWeak to lightning damage
Ancient Hero of ZamorWeak to Magic
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