Destiny 2 – Zero Hour Puzzle Tool (Configuration Solver)

Tool for Zero Hour Vault Puzzle

Here is a tool for the puzzle which can help solo players to get the exotic ship.

The main advantage of it is that any of the three terminals can be read first.

My experience is that the 2nd terminal (beside of the blue room) should be read first except coming out from the green or red room.

The current solution can be locked/unlocked by clicking to the center area of the clocks. After unlocking it can be corrigated.

Locking reduces the possibilities, so closing to the end of the puzzle the decoding process will be much quicker.

The current solution is automatically locked after 3 seconds, which enables one click to be spared. It can still be unlocked after the automatic lock.

This is a standalone html file with javascript, everybody can use it from here:


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