Destiny 2 – Controller for PC

Just a basic ‘guide’ on using controllers for PC rather than Mouse and Keyboard.

So Why Controller on Pc?

So let’s talk about controllers on D2 PC:

I am not a master at controller on D2 PC, just wanted to make a guide just for fun. Using a controller on D2 PC is not ‘OP’ or ‘Unfair’ It’s actually semi-challenging if you are not used to the D2 aiming at all.

To list off:

  1. The aim is fairly blocky with the joysticks, You don’t get as smooth of movement as games like COD and others offer and with the Aim Assist this can actually screw you over if you are not used to it.
  2. Traction on Boots: Please if you are using a controller try using Tractions on your boots, It costs 0 energy now, yes it does take a whole slot but it will allow you to turn normally instead of your person taking a whole year just to do a 90 degree turn while sprinting.
  3. Aim Assist: is a blessing and a curse, Aim Assist may be seen as ‘OP’ but it actually makes our sensitivity turning slow whenever we are NEAR a persons hitbox area (not even on a person with our crosshair) to where Mouse and Keyboard have way more snap potential. But you do get the added on ‘Aim assist’ that can help you out compete or at least even the playing field the DPI’s that mouse and keyboards possess. Plus Mouse and Keyboard users don’t have to deal with excessive recoil due to easier recoil control.

Never bank off of aim assist, You still need to use actual skill to get kills.

  1. Sensitivity: Well, with how low the sensitivity is for D2 in general (10 is like 7 on COD, when COD can go to 20). So you will not be able to snap onto people if they get behind you that easily compared to what a mouse and keyboard can do.
  2. PVP: Well, Shotguns and Assault/Pulse Rifles are your babies, They have easy to maintain recoil, Pretty fair aim assist and when used correctly can help you compete against Mouse and Keyboard users.

Scout Rifles are iffy, You get nice aim assist but usually can get outgunned if you miss one to two headshots.

Hand Cannons on the other hand, 120’s are hard to get used to (Honestly use a good ranged AR or Pulse Rifle), but 180’s you can use fairly well due to the non-existent recoil (Ace of Spades is good as well due to it’s maintainable recoil)

‘What about Arba-‘ No, You are getting nerfed. Use something else.

Supers? Depends, Thundercrash takes a bit to get used to, but things like Golden Gun six shooter is basically a cake walk when you get used to it. But you got to learn how to use each super with controller as it’s slightly different compared to Mouse and Keyboard.

  1. Is it scummy: Controllers and Mouse and Keyboard got their ups and downs, If you are ever doing PVE on PC, never use a controller. Like seriously, you are handicapping yourself for no reason. (If you need Aim Assist to kill a Cabal… well I wish you luck in LFG).

But PVP? It goes down to skill and how well you are with certain weapons and what not. Like snipers are for sure mouse and keyboard territory unless you are a very good hard scoper that’s consistent with controllers but due to the aim assist and the blocky nature of D2 controller aim it makes sniping in general very hard to do without holding a tight angle and having good reaction time.


Use Controllers if you want to learn/know how to use them. This was not made to convince yes/no, just to give at least some information on the

In truth I use controllers on D2 PC due to me having used a controller for gaming for most of my life, but everyone is different so find your niche.

But again, use what makes you comfortable. Do not take this guide 100%.

One good benefit: At least PC does not have to deal with a forced 70 FOV like console does so you’ll be able to enjoy using a controller at a way better FOV.

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