Destiny 2 – Passive Enhancement Core Farm

Passive Enhancement Core farm from blue armor drops.

How It Works

The “farm” works because every blue armor drop you get it drops at 5 energy. It also works if you get a legendary armor drop at 5 energy too.

Since the drop is at 5 energy there is already 3 cores invested into it from the get go. What you want to do is level it up to 8 energy. This costs 3 cores, 1 prism, 10 legendary shards, and about 6,500 glimmer to do. And in return you get 6 cores back, doubling the cores you spent on leveling it up. Now it is very impractical to do as an actual farming method.

It Working

Should You Do It?

Yes and no. The best way to do this farm is to do it passively when you get a blue drop every so often. You can pull from collections but that uses a boat load of glimmer. I would do this farm when you have an abundance of LS, prisms, and glimmer. If you have lots of LS and 50+ prisms you don’t need then its perfect.

The best way to do it is when you get a random blue drop from an engram in the wild or after you get some blues from a playlist activity completion. You also want the ghost mod that gives you increased glimmer gains too.

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