Blasphemous – Mediterranean Diet Quest

Explanation of the Mediterranean Diet Quest

You are saving the KISSERS, not the patients. The Achievement clearly stats “save the kissers” in no uncertain terms. So even if you completely ignored Tirso and any of the events in the game, the achievement says “save the kissers”, not the patients.

The herbs protect the Kissers from succumbing to the ailments their patients are afflicted with. The herbs ARE NOT cures for the patients.

Contrary to what most people believe, the trigger for ending this quest is defeating Quirce, not collecting all of the Herbs. This means it is technically possible to successfully save all of the Kissers by defeating Quirce early. You should get the Rosary Knot after you defeat Quirce whether you save all of the kissers or turn in all of the herbs, or not.

The Herbs exist to protect the Kissers through all six main game bosses in the event that you defeat Quirce last out of the six main game bosses that are directly related to your penance quest. One herb given before a boss will protect all living Kissers for one boss event.

Herbs are used one at a time during one of the Big Six boss events. If you give two herbs before you face any boss, that will protect all of the Kissers through two boss events.

Also, if you let a Kisser die, and you decide to give some herbs to Tirso, you still only need one herb per boss event. I don’t know if the way that was written is meant to imply something, but it is irrelevant, because the quest is already failed and it doesn’t really matter how it works at that point.

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