Baldur’s Gate 3 – Fancy Footwork Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Unlock Fancy Footwork Achievement / Trophy

Defeat Gortash in Wyrm’s Rock without activating any traps.

If you are going for this achievement, the first thing you need to do is to stop the steelwatch. gortash has ridiculous amount of steelwatchers on every level of the wyrm’s rock and when they are gone, this location is way way easier.

After you dealt with the steelwatch, everybody at wyrm’s rock will become hostile, which is very good, because you can lure enemies out of the room, then disarm everything on the way. rinse, repeat.

If the wyrm’s rock is hostile, gortash will be on the roof in his office, and if I understand correctly, your goal is to avoid the traps on every level before you kill gortash. if so, these are my notes on every level of wyrm’s rock:

  • The entrance part of the wyrm’s rock has some traps on the walls. these never detonated for me, even when I fought enemies in front of them, so they could be bugged. just to be safe, approach wyrm’s rock from the lower city entrance, lure all possible enemies to the bridge and kill them there. after that you can safely try to destroy the traps, or just don’t do your next fight in front of them
  • The first floor (before the audience hall) has no traps, so just kill everyone inside that room, then go upstairs
  • The audience hall (second floor) has very many traps. as soon as you come, some traps will put bombs under your feet. the bombs are going to explode on the next turn, so what you need to do is pick up the bombs, then return to the first floor. the enemies will follow you there, so you can deal with them without worrying about any traps. I usually disarm the entrance traps on my way back, just in case.

When everyone is dead, you can easily pass and disarm traps if you want.

Note on the traps: every gortash-specific trap that looks like a golden pipe on the wall will explode after the successful disarming and cast some sort of a fireball as a good bye. so the character who will be the antiminer can drink the resist fire potion and ignore the consequences of disarming the traps.

Note on the bombs you pick up: these had a funny bug (or feature?) – if you go long rest having these bombs in your inventory, they will explode in your camp. so make sure to get rid of them before going to sleep: use the bombs in a battle or just sell. I was wondering if these can nuke some traders I sold them to, but no luck – the traders can hold these as much as they want. I think the event that triggers those is going to rest, and since nobody but you can do that, you can’t entertain yourself with terrorist acts. alas, life is unfair.

  • The roof itself has lots of small hidden traps on the way to gortash’s office. these are not gold-pipe looking, just some buttons on the floor, shooting fire, and you need a successful roll to find them. I am not sure if these count for the achievement, but just to be safe keep in mind that the floor is trapped and come forward slowly, avoiding the middle part of the way. these traps are easy to find and to disarm
  • The office hall has several traps. the ones in front of the entrance are easy to disarm if you are sneaky. there are also bomb dropping ones high on the walls. these can be skipped if you are not fighting in front of them. if they drop bomb, just pick it up.

The office hall is the part where you have a chance to cheese and lure all gortash’s guards, kill them, and then fight gortash alone. without his steel watch and human resources he is nothing and he knows it.

Here is a video how I lured out his guards:

Now, gortash is alone and sad. lure him to the hall too, and kill somewhere between these rooms or in the corner, so the traps would not interfere.

This is how I unlocked the achievement:

I assume the fights on the way to the roof could be skipped if you sneak your party under the invis spell and reach the door to the roof. But I personally never tested that strat here so I can not warn you if some of the enemies on your way can dispell your invisibility. let me know if you know.

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