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Mighty Gunvolt Burst - Sticking with It Achievement Guide

Created by Neoglitch   ::   Dec 10, 2019    

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Sticking with It Achievement

Clear all stages using Custom Slot No. 1.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst has a level of customization which I don't remember seeing in any other similar games. It's a great system, and I hope they do more with it on future sequels of this game!

However, it has one problem: The game doesn't scale with the upgrades. In other words, you get more and more upgrades, but the game retains the same difficulty.

Thus, the game becomes easier and easier. And with enough CP the game becomes a breeze.

Fortunately, this game has the Custom Slot No. 1 for each character (which cannot be modified except for its icon), and a corresponding achievement for beating all stages using only this Custom Slot.

In my opinion, beating Mighty Gunvolt Burst using ONLY the Custom Slot No. 1 is the best way to experience this game. It's how it's meant to be played, I would say.

It WILL be a challenging experience, specially the last stage: Get ready for like 40 retries, remember to grab all the secret food shooting the wall on the left, and conserve your food! Try to beat some of the Mighty Numbers without consuming any food, so you can save some for the final boss.

But I believe it IS completely worth it. It was very satisfying for me obtaining this achievement, and I believe it will be satisfying for you too!

Created by Neoglitch.