Mighty Gunvolt Burst – Trance Achievement Guide

Mighty Gunvolt Burst - Trance Achievement Guide
Mighty Gunvolt Burst - Trance Achievement Guide

Mighty Gunvolt Burst Guides:

Trance Achievement

Note: Credit goes to Neoglitch

Get a Burst Combo of 50+ & clear a stage.

I got this achievement in the Gateway stage, going through the upper route. To make sure I didn’t kill anything at a distance by accident I used the following CP setup:

  • On-screen bullets: 1 (you could try 2 or 3)
  • Method of fire: Single fire
  • Trajectory: Straight
  • Speed: Slow / Slow
  • Piercing: None
  • Duration: 0.2 sec
  • Dissipation: Dissipate
  • Bullet size: Small or Medium
  • Attack power: 3.0x

Also recommended:

  • Knockback resistance: Less or Zero Knockback
  • Damage reduction: 0.25x or 0.5x

A setup like this will ensure the bullets you fire remain close to your character’s body, while being powerful enough to take out enemies with as few bullets as possible. You are welcome to experiment with other setups, of course.

A word about these flying pink jerks

Note: See this little pink freak? If you kill it at a distance it will shoot bullets in four directions (eight directions in Hard mode). However, if you kill it up close, and you get a Burst, it will NOT shoot said bullets.

In this Gateway level, near the end, there is a section where you have to cross through two long pits on those flying-grabby thingies which fly you to the right and can be controlled to go up or down.

When traversing the pits, rows of these little freaks will come flying towards you. Carefully fly yourself in front of the row, and as the first freak is about to touch you, shoot each bullet timely and carefully so that you kill each freak flying towards you in sequence.

If you did it correctly, you will have successfully killed all the freaks in that row, you will have obtained a Burst for each kill, and you will be able to keep advancing. Repeat this process for the other rows of freaks which will come flying towards you, until you reach the end.

And if the freaks actually touch you, or you somehow killed one of the freaks in the row before they were about to touch you, then it will shoot bullets, they will hit you, and you will fall to your death.

If that happens, don’t restart the stage just yet – practice that section as many times as necessary until you get down how to kill those rows of pink jerks, obtaining Bursts in the process.

Remember that if you die you will lose your Burst combo, and will have to restart the stage from the beginning. Thus, arm yourself with patience, and get ready to try this stage many times until you finally get to the end and beat the boss, while holding a 50+ Burst count. Don’t get frustrated!

And another thing…

If you buy the Rivals DLC, you might get this achievement more easily by just using Ray’s claw attack, which is close-range.

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