Mighty Gunvolt Burst – In Charge of the Bureau Achievement Guide

Mighty Gunvolt Burst - In Charge of the Bureau Achievement Guide
Mighty Gunvolt Burst - In Charge of the Bureau Achievement Guide

Mighty Gunvolt Burst Guides:

In Charge of the Bureau Achievement

Note: Credit goes to Neoglitch

Beat the Water Works Bureau stage using only charge shots.

I used the “auto-charge” Charge Type and made extra sure to only shoot Charge Shots, and never single bullets.

How to set up Charge Shots

Since the game doesn’t make it clear how to use the Charge Shot customization option, I’ll briefly explain how it works here:

First, let’s say you have the main Custom Slot you use for your character. Let’s call it your “Main Slot”.

For you to be able to use Charge Shots when equipping your Main Slot, you will need to:

  • Create a new Slot (use any of the many empty ones you have)
  • Set up in that Slot how you want your Charge Shot to behave
  • And then link that new Slot to your Main Slot

Here’s how you do this:

First choose an empty slot from your available Custom Slots, and edit in there the characteristics of the Charge Shot you want. For instance, make it so it has big bullets, so it shoots in spread shot form, with 3.0x strength, etc. You can even change the icon if you wish.

On that slot you can deactivate “body customizations” like Knockback Resistance, Damage Reduction, etc. so you can have more CP to add to your “bullet customizations”.

We’ll call this your “Charge Shot Slot”, which is different from your “Main Slot”.

Once you have customized your “Charge Shot Slot” however you want it, save it but don’t equip it.

Then go to your “Main Slot”, go to the “Charge Shot” customization option, and select the “Slot Link” option.

Then select the “Charge Shot Slot” you previously set up. Doing this will link your “Charge Shot Slot” with your “Main Slot”.

Once you do this you will be able to use a Charge Shot with your character, and the Charge Shot will have the characteristics of the “Charge Shot Slot” you linked!

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