PAYDAY 2 – Piglet Crit Build (DS + OD)

PAYDAY 2 - Piglet Crit Build (DS + OD)
PAYDAY 2 - Piglet Crit Build (DS + OD)

Abusing Anarchist for fast armor Regen.

How is it Lit?

Anarchist is all about generating armor. Fire is very good with Anarchist, so Molotovs and Fire C4 would be perfect, However, Both end up going away at some point without Point Investment. We can use shotguns with fire ammo or a flamethrower but honestly, thats done to death and it isnt a good way of denying entrance because of it’s range. This is where the Piglet comes in. Using Crits and Anarchist, You will generate Armor fast and have a chance of dealing massive damage to large crowds.


  • Easy Crowd Control
  • Fast Armor Regen
  • High Kill potential


  • Somewhat iffy ammo pickup for Piglet
  • Flames last short

Build Itself

Medic Bags and Jokers. Jokers will be crucial to our Survival.

Iron Man basic giving us ICTV-Like armor with our suit.

Drill skills, Our Fire capabilities will help defend drills, so lets make the heist less painful for everyone.

Parkour Aced to make our reloads less painful, and Duck and Cover aced so we can get a total of 15 dodge to help with our getaways. We also get low blow aced for wiggle room for our crits.

Finally, our Swan Song and Nine Lives Aced.

Weapons of Choice

The Piglet

  • Incendiary Rounds
  • Short Barrel
  • Concealment Boost
  • No Stock

For our secondary, Its entirely up to you. I personally use the Bronco since it’s good without skills as long as there’s crits.

  • Flash Hider
  • +3 concealment Boost
  • Ergo Wooden Grip
  • Pocket Surprise Barrel
  • Slim Line Body

The Rest of the Stuff

Our Perk Deck is Anarchist.

  • Melee: Buzzer
  • Deployable: Medic Bag
  • Nade: Flash Bangs
  • Armor: The Suit

How to Play?

This build is meant to keep your armor up as much and as fast as possible. So damage will be your best friend. With Fire you can

Torture your Jokers.

Watch a crowd burn and get critted by the fire.

The Bronco will be used if your Piglet runs out of ammo or when a dozer is too personal with you. The damage is good enough to take down large foes and crits will compensate for it.

Lastly, your jokers will be a prime source of armor. Since they dont do much damage, they’re merely meat shields. shooting them in the head and hitting them with your melee will generate armor as well as burning them. Use this to your advantage .

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