PAYDAY 2 – The Real Easiest Way to Get The Dawg / Doge Mask

This guide will show you the easiest ways to get the Jump! Jump! Jump! achievement and dawg / doge mask.


What is this achievement and how do I obtain it?

To get this achievement you complete a heist without ever going more than 4 seconds in between jumps. You can complete this achievement in any heist on any difficulty so I recommend playing on Normal.

How to Get the Mask

There are multiple short heists you can choose with my favourite being Ukrainian Job as it is the shortest.

In pre-planning make sure you bring c4 / trip mines (You won’t need any skills). The achievement does not require a certain difficulty so you should choose normal. If you decide to go on Overkill or above there is a chance you will get titan safes and the heist will take longer than it needs to be.

Once you load the heist put your mask on as soon as you can and start jumping, if there are fences in the alleys go through the front (It doesn’t matter if the heist goes loud) and make your way to the safes in the back.

Plant c4 on a safe and precede to the next, once the c4 has detonated get the tiara and continue jumping to the exit. This will give you the Jump! Jump! Jump! achievements and it is possible to pair this with the Let’s do thi… achievement for completing the heist in under 35 seconds.

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