Terraria – Compact Housing Complex (All NPCs)

Terraria - Compact Housing Complex (All NPCs)
Terraria - Compact Housing Complex (All NPCs)

A concept for a very convenient, compact and safe housing complex for all NPCs.

Compact Housing Complex

Terraria - Compact Housing Complex (All NPCs)

  • Valid housing for all 23 NPCs plus one for moving them around.
  • Underground so that they are away from the main action on the surface.
  • To the left is the hellevator.
  • House format in 4/6 blocks height in order to allow movement on a mount, typically the UFO.
  • Four levels to make switching between the levels not too inconvenient, due to the platforms hindering you briefly. Also gives a good widescreen overview.
  • All crafting stations fit easily due to the horizontal-based housing format. Which means you got some two-tile spots free for placing crates with crafting mats.
  • The crafting stations are probably not placed ideally; only for a clean overview. You can align them towards the columns without the solid blocks so that you can move freely to and from a bunch of them.
  • If you use gemspark wall like in the example, you can turn the candles off as I did. Makes for a fancier look and more even lighting. At night it looks like an office building.
  • The plaques can be filled with items that indicate the profession of the NPC living there.
  • The entrance is shown with actuator blocks, for space-saving purposes and because a door is only three tiles high while a tall gate is 5. Inactive blocks do not invalidate the house.
  • If you want to keep at least one floor tile in some or all houses free, you can also inactivate the required one solid block there to allow for even less obstructed travel.
  • If you place a minimum-size mushroom biome a bit to the right (still out of sight and active state as long as you stay in the center of the housing complex), you can assign the Truffle NPC to one of the houses on the right.
  • For equally compact storage access, make a line of chests under the floor and behind the right wall. You could even add one on the surface, which might be convenient for quick loot stashing. Isn’t visually appealing though. I prefer to plant colorfully painted palm trees up there and activate a beach music box.
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