Terraria – Highest Defense (Journey’s End / Update 1.4)

Terraria - Highest Defense (Journey's End / Update 1.4)
Terraria - Highest Defense (Journey's End / Update 1.4)

How to get the maximum Defense.

Expert-Mode and Master-Mode

Demon Heart

Kill Wall of Flesh to get the Demon Heart from it’s Treasure Bag on a expert or master mode world.

Expert mode world lets you have 6 accessory slots. Master mode world gives you 7 accessory slots.


Solar Flare Helmet / 24 Defense

10 Solar Fragments and 32 pieces of Luminite to create 8 Luminite Bars at the crafting station Ancient Manipulator.

Solar Flare Breastplate / 34 Defense

20 Solar Fragments and 64 pieces of Luminite to create 16 Luminite Bars at the crafting station Ancient Manipulator.

Valhalla Knight’s Greaves / 24 Defense

75 Defender Medals to purchase one from the NPC Tavernkeep.


Warding Flesh Knuckles

7 Defense +4 Defense = 11 Defense

In the Crimson Biome on hardmode, Crimson Mimics have a chance to drop. Can also use 15 Souls of Nights to craft the Key Of Night at a workbench. Place down any chest which is empty and then put the Key of Night in the chest to spawn a Crimson Mimic.

Warding Paladin’s shield

6 Defense +4 Defense = 10 Defense

The Paladin is a rare spawn in a hardmode dungeon and has a chance of dropping the shield.

Warding Hero’s Shield

7 Defense +4 Defense = 11 Defense

Combine Flesh Knuckles and Paladin’s Shield.

Warding Berserker’s Glove

7 Defense +4 Defense = 11 Defense

Flesh Knuckles combined with Power Glove. Feral Claws and Titan Glove combine to make Power Glove.

Warding Celestial Shell

4 Defense +4 Defense + 3 Defense Werewolf buff at Night = 11 Defense

Combine Moon Shell and Celestial Stone. Moon Stone dropped by Vampires during Solar Eclipse. Sun Stone dropped by Golem. Combine Moon Stone and Sun stone to make Celestial Stone.

Moon Charm dropped by Werewolds during Full moon. The Neptune’s Shell can be acquired from The Creature Of The Deep during Solar Eclipse. Moon Charm and a Neptune’s Shell crafted together to make Moon Shell

Warding Frozen Shield

6 Defense +4 Defense = 10 Defense

Paladin’s Shield and Frozen Turtle Shell. Rare drop from Ice Tortoise in Underground Ice Biome to obtain Frozen Turtle Shell.

Warding Ankh Shield

4 Defense +4 Defense = 8 Defense

Cobalt Shield found in Gold Chests in the Dungeon. 20 pieces of Obsidian are needed which are made from water and lava mixed. Craft the 20 Obsidian at a Furnace to make the Obsidian Skull.

Combine the Cobalt Shield and the Obsidian Skull to get the Obsidian Shield. Then combine the Obsidian Shield with the Ankh Charm to make the Ankh Shield.


Ironskin Potion / (5 Minutes) 8 Defense

  • Bottled Water
  • Daybloom
  • Iron or Lead Ore

Crafting station – Alchemy Table or Bottles placed on a surface.

Any food/drink with the “Major Improvement to all stats.”

Exquisitely Stuff / 4 Defense

Some examples:

  • Seafood Dinner
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Bacon
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Gingerbread Cookie


Brand of the Inferno

20 defense while blocking. To get the bonus defense you have to equip the weapon, not have it used while picked up with the cursor and guard by right-clicking with a shield accessory equipped. To obtain this weapon you have to kill an Ogre from the Old One’s Army event for a chance to obtain.


Dryad’s Blessing

8 Defense while you are within the circle of leaves. Dryad NPC casts the blessing when there are enemies nearby.

Total Defense

190 Defense is the maximum total possible.

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