Styx: Shards of Darkness – Guide to the Outfits and Daggers

Styx: Shards of Darkness - Guide to the Outfits and Daggers
Styx: Shards of Darkness - Guide to the Outfits and Daggers

A guide to the outfits and daggers of Styx, and how to use them efficiently.

Styx Equipment and You


In this guide I will tell you exact information about how you have, should and can use all of Styx’s weaponry to your advantage, with this guide focusing on outfits and daggers.

Each dagger is unique in its own right, and so are the outfits. Better get to it!


Let’s start with your killing machine, your deadly lady, your dagger. The dagger is what you use to, well, kill. However, each dagger has to be used in a certain way, or with a certain play-style, or not.

We will be skipping over the default dagger because it is the most basic dagger and you’ll know how to use it by the end of the first level.

Tapered Dagger

The best dagger if you want very stealthy kills, the Tapered Dagger has the upside of having all kills you perform with it be muffled. As a downside, you can’t parry with it. This dagger is meant for high-difficulty play, since you can’t parry with it, and parrying doesn’t exist in the highest difficulties.

There isn’t much to say about it, it gets the job done. Use it before you get Flow Control after finishing the game. It goes well with any outfit.

Amber Dagger

The Amber Dagger refills 1 unit of amber per kill performed with the weapon, but you lose amber equivalent to how much damage you take. Otherwise, it is the same as the standard dagger.

Use it before you get the Flow Control skill, like the Tapered Dagger.

It does help you when you run into Invisibility problems though, and you can chain-kill through Invis with this dagger and the Cloak of Invisibility.

It really helps out the Alchemist’s Vest since you have to compensate for no other passives.

It works ok with the Akenash outfit.

Dagger of Akenash

Broken. God-tier. Man’s REAL weapon. The upside of this beauty is that anyone killed by this dagger dissipates from the acid coating. The downside? You can’t perform a silent take-down. Now you might say: ”How is this God-tier then?”.

Acoustic Contagion.

Contagious Invisibility turns anyone you are currently killing invisible. Acoustic Contagion also makes anything that happens during the kill mute. Including the screams of the damned when you kill someone with this dame. This means that, when used correctly, you have the Tapered Dagger, but you can parry AND the corpse dissipates without the need of a Vial of Acid.

What you need to make this dagger God-tier is either:

  • 1. The Cloak of Invisibility
  • 2. The Bubble Invisibility and Stealthy Cloning together.

With 1, spend 1 amber charge to silently kill the guard. With 2, do 1 but you can get back the 1 amber gauge.

This tactic is iffy when against more than 1 guard though.


Now we’re getting to the fun part. Outfits usually enhance one of your abilities: Cloning, Crafting or Invisibility.

Mastering the outfits requires some time, but once mastered, they can easily bring you a gross advantage over others.

Cloak of Invisibility

The upside is that, as long as you stand still, your amber gauge doesn’t deplete when invisible (you still need to spend 1 unit to use the skill though). The downside is that you take a bit more damage, which instantly translates to ”I’m meant for higher difficulties”.

It pairs well with any dagger, not much to be said. Use Invis Bubble to help out your friend if he needs help.

If you alert the guards and they start chasing you, hide in a closet/chest and press 4 and wait 5 minutes for things to cool down.

Alchemist’s Vest

The improvement is that you can craft anything anywhere. The downside is that you make more noise when running.

This is pretty bad since there are crafting benches all over the maps, usually 2-3 in a single level. Use at your own discretion though, I won’t judge you for trying it out and having fun.

Akenash Outfit

It doubles the duration of a clone, but you lose 1 health unit when it dies by any means other than your own hand.

When you get Rebirth, you can use a clone to scout some areas ahead and keep your Shadow Insignia at Gold if the clone gets detected. Since clones last for 60 seconds rather than the standard 30, you can use your clones for more often, to perform more shenanigans.

It works with any dagger and if you use the Akenash Dagger trick, you can do pretty much anything.

Combos You Can Use

Here you can see some combos I can recommend, use them if you want.

  • Akenash DLC Set: I use this all the time. And so should you. I’m kidding. When you do the tricks I have mentioned earlier in this guide, you can easily see what this set has to offer.
  • Cloak of Invis + Akenash Dagger: If you don’t use the Stealthy Cloning, just use this combo instead. Gets the job done either way.
  • Cloak of Invis + Amber Dagger: Chains kills for days, enough said. can cover a very heavy amber cost.
  • Alchemist’s Vest + Tapered Dagger: You can cover your gigantic downside of not having a good passive with this dagger’s stealth kill potential, while retaining the ability to craft stuff anywhere.
  • Alchemist’s Vest + Amber Dagger: The ”Craftable Set”, as I like to call it. These 2 items go hand-in-hand honestly.

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