Minecraft Dungeons – How to Enchant Weapons

Minecraft Dungeons - How to Enchant Weapons
Minecraft Dungeons - How to Enchant Weapons

This section of the Minecraft Dungeons Guide will cover everything that you need to know about about Enchantments, including how to obtain Enchantment Points and why it’s important to always upgrade your enchantments to their maximum tier.

How to Enchant Weapons

How to Get Enchantment Points

Enchantment Points are one of the most crucial aspects to Minecraft Dungeons as they can significantly enchant the stats of weapons or armor.

In order to start enchanting your gear, you will firstly need to acquire Enchantment Points, which can be obtained each time that you level up your character.

Enchanting Your Weapons and Armor

Now that you have acquired some Enchantment Points, lets start enchanting!

To begin, open your Inventory and select the Weapon or Armor piece that you are wanting to enchant.

Beneath the weapon information on the right, you will see an Enchantments section. This section will showcase all of the available enchantments that can be placed on the item.

Don’t worry too much if they aren’t exactly the most ideal enchantments, as all enchantment points are refunded when salvaging your items.

It is worth noting that you can have upwards of three enchantments on any item should it permit – one enchantment can be selected from each of the three diamond shapes when available.

Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Enchantments

Always remember to upgrade your enchantments as your points become available. You will often find that upgrading to the higher tiers will provide significant increases to your stats and will most definitely make things run a lot smoother as you increase the games difficulty.

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