Minecraft Dungeons – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Minecraft Dungeons - Beginners Tips and Tricks
Minecraft Dungeons - Beginners Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

From salvaging items for better gear to searching hidden paths for unique items and utilizing important combat techniques, here are 21 Essential Tips and Tricks to get you started in Minecraft Dungeons.

To get you started, here are several quick tips and tricks that we believe may be helpful at the beginning of your journey:

  • Explore the area surrounding your Camp as you will find hidden Lobby Chests that are filled with Emeralds.
  • Keep an eye out for brown colored pots that glow green. When smashing these pots, you’ll be rewarded with Emeralds.
  • Standard reward chests (brown) don’t always appear automatically, so be sure to thoroughly check every nook and cranny. In some cases, we found that you have to be standing right beside them in order for them to appear.
  • Supply Chests will always spawn before you encounter a major battle or heavily populated area. These chests will always provide you with Arrows and Bread.
  • Did you know, you can actually carry more than one TNT at a time?
  • Unsure if an enemy is ahead of you? If you listen closely, you may just hear them in the distance. Music and sounds can be great cues for impending battles ahead, or even nearby chests.
  • Take advantage of the Blacksmith, as he can sometimes craft unique items and other high powered gear.
  • Keep an eye on the slightly transparent white circle that appears on the ground beneath mobs and objects that are about to explode. This circle will indicate the explosion radius.
  • If you’re looking to unlock the Story Quest items, always defeat every single mob that you encounter as many of these weapons and armor sets are dropped by mobs and bosses throughout the maps.
  • In need of health? Killing friendly mobs such as cows, pigs, and sheep will sometimes drop healing items.
  • Haven’t unlocked the next difficulty level but need more of a challenge? Try playing around with the different tiers of difficulty that come with each map. While you can’t lower the difficulty under your power level, you may find that upping the difficulty by one tier may satisfy your need for a challenge.

Salvage Any Used Items

Much like your typical looter games, Minecraft Dungeons can often burden your inventory with duplicates or low tier weapons, armors, and even artifacts.

Instead of leaving these items to collect dust in your inventory, we highly recommend Salvaging any of your unused gear as hording items in Minecraft Dungeons really serves no purpose.

Before you get a rude shock, Salvage Paybacks are usually pretty low, so don’t expect too much back in return. With the extra Emeralds, you’ll be able to try your luck at the Blacksmith or Wandering Trader who will craft random items for a small fee.

Don’t Always Follow the Way Point Marker

Don’t be afraid to explore the map, as players are rewarded heavily in Minecraft Dungeons for veering off the main quest route.

It’s important to remember that the way point marker will only lead you through the most efficient route to the end of the level. Whereas following paths that veer off the main route will often have you finding rare and unique pieces of gear that are hidden within chests, mobs, or even Piggy Banks.

Do keep in mind that these chests do not appear on your map, so be sure to check every nook and cranny that the maps have to offer.

Don’t Worry, Enchantment Points are Refunded

Worried that you’ve spend all your enchantment points on a low level item that is no longer viable for you to use?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that all enchantment points are refunded upon Salvage, along with some additional Emeralds. With enchantment points refunded and extra Emeralds rewarded, there’s really no point in hording old gear in fear of losing all your progress.

Always Kill the Enchanters First

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter mobs known as Enchanters. These purple robe wearing Illagers can quickly make combat encounters very challenging, as their magic ability allows them to connect with other mobs and make them significantly stronger.

For this reason, always take out the Enchanters first, otherwise you may find yourself struggling to survive.

Constantly Check Your Map

While the way point marker is extremely helpful, it’s essential that you are always checking your map. The map is constantly changing as you progress throughout each of the different levels.

Using the map will allow you to find every possible path that can be explored and will showcase exactly where you have been as the area will slowly be shaded in as you continue to explore.

Checking the map is also a great way to ensure that you have opened every chest that you have found. It also helps indicate how many chests are remaining to be found, along with secrets.

Trade the Blacksmith for Unique and Rare Gear

Now that you’ve salvaged your old gear, be sure to put your newly acquired Emeralds to good use. While it’s entirely up to you, we found that spending all of our spare Emeralds at the Blacksmith was your best bang for buck.

Although the Wandering Trader does offer decent artifacts, his price is pretty hefty and most of the items have very little salvage value compared to the Blacksmith. Plus, using the Blacksmith also gives you the chance of receiving unique armor sets and weapons.

Replay Levels For Better Gear

Minecraft Dungeons oozes replayability, which is why gear progression is locked behind replaying levels at increased difficulty settings.

Although you will unlock different stages of difficulty based on how many times you finish the game, the biggest difficulty adjuster can be found within the level information.

When searching for new gear, always be sure to read the level information before starting the mission.

Below the area that states the Recommended Power level, you will find a short line of text that provides a rough guide of Gear and Artifact power levels that you expect to find under that difficulty setting.

Don’t Be Afraid To Run From Battles

Don’t be embarrassed, some of the battles in Minecraft Dungeons can be pretty challenging, especially as the difficulty ramps up and you begin to face upwards of 10 enemies or more at once.

One of the best combat techniques that we found during our time in the game was hitting the enemies once and running backwards. While the method does happen to work with Melee, range seems to be much more effective at the method. In some cases, the technique also allows you to go undetected as you pull single enemies towards you from their group.

While the hit and run technique may not be the most honorable, it definitely helped make those tricky combat encounters much easier.

Try Combining Both Your Range and Melee Attacks Together

Combine both your Melee and Range attacks together to help avoid unnecessary damage and ultimately speed up your kills.

The technique consists of firing shots with your bow as you make your way towards an enemy. This will allow you to lower their health so that you can deliver the finishing blow with melee by the time you reach them.

You will also find that by firing shots at close range mobs, it will slightly knock them back and create a small pause in their movement. This will make it a little bit easier to escape from dangerous situations or even providing just enough time to launch some well timed melee attacks.

Be Sure to Always Upgrade Your Weapons

The further you progress through the game, the more difficult the levels will become. You will notice that every level that you complete has a recommended power level for each of the different difficulties.

These power levels are a key part to the game and are tied every heavily with the level of armor, weapons, and artifacts that you are using as your power level is calculated off the average of all your items.

If you are using old gear, it’s essential that you upgrade to higher level gear.

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