Minecraft Dungeons – How to Find Every Secret Level

Minecraft Dungeons - How to Find Every Secret Level
Minecraft Dungeons - How to Find Every Secret Level

How to Find Every Secret Level

What are Secret Levels in Minecraft Dungeons

Scattered across four maps – Creeper Woods, Soggy Swamp, Pumpkin Pastures, and Highblock Halls – you will find secret crypts that hold maps to brand new locations.

Before we delve any deeper, it is important to note that Minecraft Dungeons is procedural, which means that levels, paths, loot, and mobs are generated randomly every time that you play a level. For this reason, we have posted images of our levels to help provide a general idea of the area, so please do keep in mind that the method in which you reach your hidden areas may very well differ from our path.

How to Unlock Creepy Crypt

The Creepy Crypt hidden area can be found at the end of a path long the left side of the map. The small stone wall features two Redstone bricks on the outside, making it pretty hard to miss. Once you have found the entrance, simply press the button that is along the ground next to the wall and a hidden entrance will appear.

While we can’t give an exact location, we do highly recommend that you check every path that leads off the main mission path, as this will help you locate the Creepy Crypt hidden area a lot easier!

How to Unlock Soggy Cave

Found in Soggy Swamp, the Soggy Cave hidden area is rather difficult to find as its spawn rate is not very common.

To help make the process of finding this location easier, we found that it will only spawn when there are two secrets to be found in the level. In order to view how many secrets can be found, open your fullsize map and read the text towards the bottom left of the screen. When it reads two, it will mean that the hidden crypt has spawned.

During our experience, the Soggy Cave map can be located during the second/third half of the level and in most cases, on the left side of the map. You’ll know when you have found the area as you will travel down a set of cobblestone stairs and find a dungeon entrance at the bottom.

How to Unlock Arch Haven

Found in Pumpkin Pastures, the Arch Haven secret level can be unlocked upon finding a small pirate ship. We found that the ship is most likely to spawn in the first half of the level, if it has not spawned by then and you have checked all of the possible paths, we recommend restarting the level and trying again.

Unfortunately, Arch Haven was by far the most challenging secret level to spawn due to the random nature of Minecraft Dungeons. During my time in game, I easily spent over 3 hours trying to get the secret area to spawn and it was only after completing the Soggy Caves secret level that I manged to get the Arch Haven ship to spawn.

Whether or not this is related, we are currently unsure as many members of the community have spent similar amounts of time trying to unlock this area. So, definitely keep this in mind when completing your walkthrough as it may end up saving you a hefty amount of time.

How to Unlock Underhalls

Underhalls is arguably one of the easiest levels to unlock, as the secret area has a relatively common spawn rate and can be found in the same area every time.

Thankfully, Underhalls location spawns near the beginning of the Highblock Halls level. To find the area, make your way through the main hall until you come across a large set of stairs. At the bottom of these stairs, you will find a small area that features two shields hanging on a wall.

Interact with the Blue Shield and watch as the empty wall transforms into a doorway. Enter inside and collect the new location map.

How to Unlock the Secret Cow Level

To unlock the secret Cow Level, you will need to collect all 9 Runes that have been hidden among every main mission level upon completing the game on Default difficulty mode.

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