Domina – Strategy Guide

Domina - Strategy Guide
Domina - Strategy Guide

This is a guide with a few pointers to abuse some aspects of this game effectively.

Strategies with Mind Control

If you’re facing a gladiator in a 1v1 fight, a sagittarius with ample agility and the dodge roll ability from your Doctore can win them 90% of the time if you have a large arena to fight in, simply run around and kite the enemy gladiator while taking shots when they’re far enough away.

With your thraex class, shuffling away while defending leaves an enemy who has swung open to a counter attack (This usually doesn’t work against enemies who have spears or the murmillo class if they have the Zweihander).

You can easily dodge the nets of a retarius and use it against them by walking up or down at the beginning of a fight when they throw it, rolling into it, and then throwing back at them with most classes.

Your velite is optimal against large groups of enemies with high agility and the throw master blessing, he can take down virtually any enemy if he has the pilum secondary weapon to throw.

Rolling into enemies with a character that has high dmg can deal good amounts of damage, use this strategy in group fights if your enemies are charging at your group to stagger them by rolling into them and then run past them to kite a few away from the actual fight.

Your retarius and murmillo class can usually beat out thraexes because of the range you have, you can net them and get in a few shots, or just kite them and then stab at them while they’re running towards you.

You can kite and repeatedly throw your weapon at most enemies if you’re quick enough, pair this along with a murmillo that has a zweihander for deadly effect.

General Tips

By playing a fight out and quitting to menu as soon as your gladiator dies, he will be revived and a new fight will begin, you can also reroll your fights by just quitting after the opponent has been picked.

You can restart your day and get a new interaction if one pops up by quitting to your menu (ie. If a snake bites your gladiator and he’s wounded, you can just reroll the interaction).

Buy random low level slaves, don’t equip them with anything and use them as live targets for you gladiators in exhibition fight for the Legate or Magistrate to level them up quickly, this works wonders for your low-mid level gladiators.

You can kill competition while running to your chariot in chariot races by shooting at them with a sagittarius or having a quick enough gladiator instead of actually racing.

Tricks for the Final Fight

This is a tactic that will help you win the final fight with one man, by now you should have a velite that is absurdly quick, in the second to last fight, roll backwards through the gap between the 2 lions, wait for the enemies to get into range, then throw one or two pilums at them. After this, evade the enemy by running up or down and to the right, kiting them into the lions who may aggro onto them, after they’re chasing you in a line, repeat this. The pilum will do insane amounts of damage to groups, especially with the throw master blessing and it will lead to your victory.

If you have the advanced doctore, get lions the lions urine upgrade to make sure the pesky lions don’t inadvertently lead to your death.

You can farm the second to last fight for gold by passing it with your velite and then returning to menu at the beginning of your actual final fight, repeating the fight and also reaping its rewards again, keep in mind that if the velite dies and you don’t immediately exit, he will stay dead.

Considering you only need one Velite to completely cheese the second to last fight, release most of your elite gladiators so they may come and save you in the actual final fight.

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