Domina – Tips and Tricks

Domina - Tips and Tricks
Domina - Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Keep quality over quantity

Initially don’t try to upgrade all gladiators, focus on 1-2 and keep other 2-3 as backups barely equipped in case things get ♥♥♥♥ed in some fight.


Meditation increases the gladiator AI, so it’s a key to win fights. It’s the first thing you should train in all gladiators, it will take a couple of days to reach 100 so don’t worry.
Remember to activate the auto training checkbox in the training tree, you can’t right click enough quick all gladiators.

Don’t farm slaves

Seriously, sell them as soon as you get them or release them to increase morale. You can keep 1-2 to sacrifice against thought fights, even if you lose a fight you might get 50 coins, way more than the 3-7 you get for selling them naked. By the end of the game (100 days left) you can start stocking them for the final fight.

Aggro is a good stat

Gladiators with high aggro >70 have a higher DPS after weapon training, even more if they are murmillos, so look for that skill in your slaves.

Cards are great

Some of them are key to have super gladiators, the curse of mistress can increase the damage up to 500%(at the cost of %50 max HP), that means you can have gladiators with over 2000dps who can virtually destroy all champions in one hit.
The training speed cards are also good to look up to and don’t hesitate to swap them between heroes to be more efficient, remember, you only got 1 year game time to face the final battle.


Feel free to try them all, but I found these three to be a good combination : Blacksmith, Arquitect and the bard.
The blacksmith upgrades/repairs equipment for free, which is a good money saver but if you want him to be efficient, keep the gladiator count low.

The arquitect is vital to provide training equipment, the first days I only build 4 of each pallus, grabbing stones & coal pits, and later the appotecary to increase healing time.

The bard keeps the morale very high and it is dirty cheap & fast to upgrade, but if you don’t mind micromanaging the morale giving tips & wine to your peasants, you can replace it with the teacher to get a 35% damage bonus on all fighters and additional training speed.

Regional Champions

Don’t try to fight them early in the game, wait till you have at least 3 gladiators medium-well equipped with 250dps each. The gladiator class doesn’t matter, either 3 trax or 3 murmillos, normally you would be ready when there are 100 days left, do not hurry.
Every champion fight will consume 10 game days, and you need to win 3 of them to reach the finals, keep that in mind.

Just read all answers

Some of the funny questions you get during the game can benefit you with money/resources and even a Lion or Giant, so pay attention.

Skill Cap

You can exceed the 100skill cap if you win a regional champion, which would increase the skill over the cap by 5 point, each battle.

Final battle

I would advise to control 1 gladiator manually in the final fight and keep him away of the initial charge, you will understand why by yourself.

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