Domina - Easiest Start Guide

Domina – Easiest Start Guide

A quick, easy guide to starting your ludis. Starting a New Game When you start a new game: Sell off all of your gladiators. Purchase a slave from the magistrate.  These gladiators will instantly have […]

Domina - Tips and Tricks

Domina – Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks Keep quality over quantity Initially don’t try to upgrade all gladiators, focus on 1-2 and keep other 2-3 as backups barely equipped in case things get ♥♥♥♥ed in some fight. Training Meditation […]

Domina - Strategy Guide

Domina – Strategy Guide

This is a guide with a few pointers to abuse some aspects of this game effectively. Strategies with Mind Control If you’re facing a gladiator in a 1v1 fight, a sagittarius with ample agility and […]